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Ranking Strategy

  • What is the best strategy for ranking?

    In order to get your best possible result, you should rank your choices in order of your true preferences. Your most preferred program should be rank #1, your next most preferred program should be rank #2, and so on. Rank all programs to which you applied that would be acceptable. Do not rank any program that you would not want to be matched to under any circumstances.

    The algorithm is specifically designed to give each participant their best result if they rank their choices in order of true preference. Using any other strategy may cause you to get a worse result for yourself. If you decide to order your preferences in another way (e.g., by how likely you think it will be to get into the program), you may not get the best possible result.

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  • Can I rank a program where I didn't apply or receive an interview?

    Yes, although it is highly unlikely that you will match to that program. Programs review applications, interview, and evaluate applicants to determine who they are willing to accept into the program. If you did not apply or interview with a program, it is unlikely the program is considering you for a position. If you are not ranked by a program, you cannot match to that program.

  • What should I do if the track I want to rank is withdrawn?

    You should leave the withdrawn track ranked on your list. If you leave the track on your list and the track becomes Active before the Rank Order List deadline, that ranking will be used in the matching process. If the track remains withdrawn, that ranking will not be used in the matching process, and your list will be processed as if you had not ranked the withdrawn track.

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