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2023 CASPR


All residency programs must have approval from the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM) to participate in CASPR.

Registration Process

To participate in CASPR, programs must first register on AACPM's CASPRweb website, and then create an account in the NMS Match System. Programs need an NMS Match System account to obtain applications, schedule interviews, submit rankings, and obtain results.


Registration to participate in the 2023 CASPR began in CASPRweb on May 18, 2022. Programs must submit all CASPRweb forms and pay required fees to AACPM in order to register. AACPM will provide information to NMS Match System on all programs registered to participate in CASPR.

NMS Match System

By July 5, 2022, the Program Director of each registered program will be sent an email with a personalized link and instructions to set up an account in the NMS Match System. If you have not received your account setup email by July 5, 2022, please contact AACPM at

Consult the Account Setup Guide for step-by-step instructions for setting up your NMS Match System account.

Account Setup User Guide

After You Setup Your NMS Match System Account


After the online setup process is complete, you will receive a confirmation by email which will include the Code Number and track description for each track your program is offering in CASPR (tracks are generally position types such as PMSR and PMSR/RRA). You should provide the Code Number for each track to your applicants as the Code Number uniquely identifies each track in the Match.

Codes and Tracks

Every residency program will have at least one track (usually related to residency position type), and each track is assigned a unique 4-digit code number; the first 3 digits of the track code number is the residency number (CASPR ID) and the final digit identifies the track (typically the type of position). For example, if program #120 offers only PMSR/RRA positions, it would have one track and the track code would be 1201. If it also offered PMSR positions it would have two tracks and the second track code number for the PMSR positions would be 1202.

Updating Your Program and Track Information

Once you have an account, you can log in to the NMS Match System to update your program and track information. This includes modifying the number of positions to be filled in a track, adding an additional track to your program, withdrawing a track from CASPR if you no longer intend to offer any positions, or modifying your contact information.

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