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2023 CASPR

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Access to your List of Students has closed for the 2023 CASPR.

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Monitor Your Students

The list of students for your college in the NMS Match System is updated in real time, as students register or withdraw, submit applications, or enter rankings into the system.

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  • Monitor Participation Status

    Students must be registered for CASPR in order to send applications to programs.

    Students who register to participate in CASPR but are no longer seeking a residency position should withdraw from CASPR. Withdrawn students are included in your list, but are flagged as "Withdrawn". Please note that withdrawn students may change their status and decide to participate in CASPR at any time until the Rank Order List deadline. If you have any questions concerning the status of a student in CASPR you should contact the student directly.

    During MPII, the Match Status result of your students is shown in the list. You can sort your Student List by Match Status to identify the students participating in MPII.

  • Provide College Material

    Colleges must provide the following information in the NMS Match System for each of their students in order to complete the student's residency application.

    • GPA
    • Class Rank
    • Official Transcript PDF
    • Clinicals PDF
    • Dean's Letter PDF, if applicable

    Select the View button for a student to access the Student Profile page, where you provide the College Material for that student.

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  • Monitor Applications

    Colleges have visibility into the progress their students have made in submitting residency applications.

    Students who have not submitted any applications are marked as Incomplete. You can see which sections of the student's application are Incomplete from the Student Profile Page. Select the View button to see the Student Profile page.

    For students who have submitted an application, the number of submitted applications is shown.

    Note that the number of applications shown for each student includes both applications submitted in the Match and MPII.

  • Monitor Ranks

    Colleges have visibility into the number of ranks students have entered on their Rank Order Lists, and whether or not the Rank Order List is certified for use in the matching process. Certified Rank Order Lists are marked with a Y; uncertified lists are marked with an N. Only certified Rank Order Lists will be used in the matching process.

    Note that the number of ranks and certification status is shown only for students participating in MPII. Rank Order List information for students who obtained a position in the Match is no longer available in the NMS Match System.

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