• What is CRIP?

    CRIP is the Centralized Residency Interview Program. It is an event organized by AACPM where applicants and programs meet and interview with each other. CRIP is held in Frisco, TX from January 11 - 16, 2024.

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Scheduling Setup - Interview Types

  • I have panel interviews and individual interviews. Would those be set up as different event types?

    If each interview type can be scheduled independently, you should set these up as different event types. You can create one interview type for individual interviews and one for panel interviews, and then invite your candidates to both types of interviews. The candidates would schedule themselves into one individual interview and one panel interview. Within the system, the only difference between an "Individual Interview" event, and a "Panel Interview" event is the name. The program would still need to decide which faculty are attending each event.

Managing Events

  • Can I manually book an interview for a candidate?

    Yes. You can use the Force Schedule feature to manually book an event for a candidate. Please note that the Force Schedule function does not trigger an automatic email from the system notifying the candidate of the booking. If the candidate logs in to the NMS Match System, they will see the scheduled interview on their calendar, but you should still send a personal email to the candidate informing them of the event details.

  • Can I add a different PDF for each interviewee or is it only the same PDF for everyone interviewing in that slot?

    You can create and upload a PDF of instructions that you would like to provide to candidates for each event. The PDFs are attached to individual events and are available to all candidates scheduled for that event. If only one applicant is scheduled for the event, the PDF is available only to that applicant. If 5 applicants are scheduled for the event, the PDF is available to all 5 applicants.

    If you have an event with multiple scheduled candidates and you want to provide each candidate with their own unique information for the event, you should email the information to each candidate directly.

Sending Invitations

  • Can we customize the invitation or rejection emails?

    No, you cannot customize the invitation or rejection emails in the NMS Match System. Those emails are simple notification messages. Samples of those emails are available in the NMS Interview User Guide.

    If you'd like to send your applicants more detailed or personal communications, in addition to the interview invitation sent from the system, you can use the Email function on your Candidate List in the system to select and populate candidates' email addresses directly into your email client, then send the communications using your email client.

Managing Candidates

How To Videos

NMS Interview is a module of the NMS Match System that allows programs to streamline and automate interview scheduling. The following videos provide an overview of how NMS Interview works:

Configure Settings   (2 min)
Add Candidates   (2 min)
Add Interview Events   (2 min)
Send Interview Invitations   (1 min)
Manage Events   (3 min)
Manage Candidates   (3 min)

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