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2024 CASPR

You must be registered for CASPR in the NMS Match System in order to send applications to programs, be invited for interviews, submit your Rank Order List, and be ranked by programs. You can access the NMS Match System to register for CASPR from the link provided below.

Before You Register

  • Ensure you have your Prometric CMS ID Number

    In order to register for CASPR, you must provide your Prometric CMS ID Number issued to you by Prometric.

    Be sure to provide the CMS ID you used when you took your APMLE examinations. If you provide an incorrect CMS ID, AACPM will not be able to obtain your board scores and you will not be able to submit applications to programs.

  • Learn About Sending Applications to Programs

    You apply to programs using the NMS Match System. Each program can set its own application requirements and deadline date, but the default deadline date for most programs is October 31, 2023. You should check with a program's information in the CASPR Program Directory as soon as possible regarding its application requirements.

    Required components of your application include a Personal Statement, CV, and requests for at least 3 letters of reference. Your college will need to provide information (transcripts, GPA, Clinicals, class rank, Dean's Letter if applicable) on your behalf that will be included in your application.

    In order to submit your applications to programs, you will need to have passed the APMLE Part I examination. AACPM will obtain your Part I scores directly from Prometric based on the CMS ID you provide as part of your registration and will upload passing results directly to the NMS Match System.


There is a fee of $550 USD to register for CASPR. This fee consists of:

  • $300 CASPR Applicant Fee: This portion pays for your registration, credits to send applications to twelve (12) programs, and participation in both the Match and MPII, if necessary.

    If you wish to send more than twelve applications, additional application credits can be purchased for $15 per application. Applicants who register for CASPR but do not obtain a position in the Match do not have to register again or pay an additional fee to participate in MPII.

    The CASPR Applicant Fee and application credit fees are non-refundable (even if you subsequently decide to withdraw from CASPR) and are not transferable to future years or other applicants.
  • $250 Interview Scheduling Fee: This portion of the fee is refundable if you do not schedule any of your CASPR interviews using the NMS Match System. Requests for refunds should be made to AACPM directly.


You should register for CASPR by September 13, 2023. You must be registered for CASPR in order to send applications to programs using the NMS Match System.

The final deadline to register to participate is February 15, 2024. However, most programs consider applications much earlier than that date. Therefore, you should register well before the final date listed above.

Register Online

Register for CASPR Now

You should register for CASPR only once; applicants who do not obtain a position in the Match will be automatically eligible to participate in MPII and do not need to register a second time.

After You Register

Confirmation and Code Number

When your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation by email that includes the 5-digit Code Number assigned to you for CASPR. Use your Code Number in all future correspondence pertaining to CASPR.

Updating Your Information

Once registered for CASPR, you can log into the NMS Match System to update your account and profile information. You can also start preparing applications to programs.