• What is included in the CASPR application?

    The standard NMS Match System application includes a form of applicant information, academic history, professional accomplishments, APLME Part I passing result and number of attempts, CV, Personal Statement, and a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 letters of reference.

    Each application will also include an official transcript, GPA, Class Rank, and Clinicals document provided by the applicant's college.

    If your program has additional application requirements, please ensure they are listed in the CASPR Program Directory so applicants can add them to their application as Supplemental Material.

  • Can applicants change or update an application after submission?

    Applicants cannot change the core application components after submission. However, they are able to attach a supplemental material document to a submitted application, or replace an existing supplemental material document with a new one.

    If you need an applicant to provide additional information after submission, instruct them to provide the necessary information as a Supplemental Material document.

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