CASPR Eligibility & Rules

2025 CASPR

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants

    Any applicant graduated or graduating from an accredited podiatric medical college and seeking an appointment in a podiatric medical residency program beginning in 2025 is eligible to register to participate in CASPR.

    Applicants must pass their APMLE Part I examination in order to submit applications to programs. Applicants must pass their APMLE Part II examination in order to participate in the Match or MPII.

    Applicants are encouraged to refer to the CASPR Directory of Residency Programs for more information regarding each institution and program's eligibility requirements.

  • Programs

    Approval by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the recognition accorded a podiatric residency program that meets the educational standards established by the profession. All CPME approved residency programs must participate in CASPR.

CASPR Agreements

Each participating applicant and program accepts the terms of the CASPR Agreements when they register to participate in CASPR.

Applicant Agreement Program Agreement


CASPR is a program of the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM). AACPM has set the following rules for participants in CASPR:

  • All applicants and programs must abide by the Schedule of Dates.
  • Programs must comply with AACPM's Standards and Practices for Residency Selection and must offer all their approved, available, first year podiatric residency positions through CASPR.
  • Applicants must submit, and programs may only accept and consider, applications through the CASPR system until the completion of the Match and MPII. At the conclusion of the Match and MPII, applicants may submit, and programs may accept and consider, applications in any manner desired by programs, including from individuals not participating in the current CASPR cycle.
  • Programs must provide complete and accurate information to applicants prior to the Rank Order List deadline concerning the position(s) being offered in CASPR, including all institution and program policies related to eligibility requirements for appointment, compensation for residents and accreditation status of the program.
  • Applicants have sole responsibility to research and meet all program eligibility and resident selection requirements. Applicants must provide complete and accurate information to CASPR and to the programs to which they apply.
  • Programs must notify AACPM in writing of any changes in CPME approval of the residency programs, the number of available positions, or factors that may affect the continued operation of the program. It is the program's responsibility to notify all applicants of such information
  • Programs may not make a commitment to any applicant regarding an offer of appointment, nor require a commitment from any applicant, prior to the release of the CASPR results. Similarly, applicants may not make a commitment to, nor require a commitment from, any program registered for CASPR prior to the release of the CASPR results.
  • Programs and applicants may freely discuss any matter and may express a high level of interest in each other. A program may voluntarily inform an applicant as to whether or not it intends to rank the applicant, and an applicant may voluntarily inform a program as to whether or not the applicant intends to rank the program. However, neither programs nor applicants may solicit such information. In addition, applicants and programs may not disclose or solicit any information regarding the positioning of any applicant or program on a Rank Order List. The Rank Order Lists submitted by each program and applicant are the sole determinants of their respective order of preferences for the Match and for MPII.
  • The results of CASPR constitute a binding obligation between the applicant and the program. Appointment of an applicant to a position may be contingent on the applicant satisfying any institution and program eligibility requirements for appointment specified to the applicant by the program prior to the Rank Order List deadline. An institution/program cannot avoid offering appointment to its matched applicants without written waiver from AACPM.
  • Violations of the terms of the CASPR Agreements may result in being terminated or suspended from CASPR or from a position at a program, and may result in legal actions and/or professional sanctions being initiated against the violators.
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