Results & Post-Match

Match Results

  • Why do I have to wait to get the results?

    NMS spends time between the Rank Order List deadline and Result Release Date checking and re-checking the data to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the results. Before we can process the Match, we look for potential errors or mistakes in the rankings submitted by applicants and programs. We are able to catch some (but not all) errors, and it does take a significant amount of time to reach these participants to follow-up, verify, and correct these mistakes. Program Directors and applicants are generally busy and can be very difficult to reach. We then have to run the matching algorithm and prepare the results for distribution via the various channels. While it may seem like it takes a long time to get your result, we are able to deliver the results in a time frame that is equal to or less than that of other matching programs of comparable (or even smaller) size in other professions.

Post-Match Process

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