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2023 CASPR

Full Match Results

You must log into the NMS Match System to access the Full Match Results for applicants from your college.

Log into the NMS Match System

  • Result Information Available
    • A list of the result obtained in the Match and MPII for each applicant from the college. For matched applicants, the program and track to which the applicant matched is provided.
    • Summary statistics on the outcome of CASPR for applicants from the college.

Post-Match Process

Beginning at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time on March 17, 2023, applicants who remain unmatched after MPII are permitted to seek and fill positions that remain available independently of CASPR.

A list of programs with positions available in the Post-Match Process will be posted publicly on this website. Programs will be able to update information on the list so applicants can obtain up-to-date information on the availability of positions.

Applications for the Post-Match Process must be sent to programs directly (i.e., not through the NMS Match System). Any questions about a program's application procedures during the Post-Match Process should be directed to the program directly.

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