Results & Post-Match

Match Results Days

  • How do I get my Match results?

    There are three days when Match results are released:

    • Match Status Day: March 10, 2025
      All applicants will have access to information on whether or not they have been matched to a position at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
    • MPII Status Day: March 20, 2025
      All applicants who participated in MPII will have access to information on whether or not they have been matched to a position in MPII at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
    • Match Day: March 21, 2025
      Applicants who obtained a position in either the Match or MPII will be have access to the program and track they matched with. Colleges will hold Match Day ceremonies.

Matched Applicants

  • What if I refuse to take my matched position?

    The CASPR result constitutes a binding commitment from which neither the applicant nor the program can withdraw. Applicants who do not accept the position to which they matched will be in violation of the CASPR Applicant Agreement. Violations will be reported to AACPM as per the rules in the Applicant Agreement.

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Unmatched Applicants

  • I didn't match. What do I do now?

    Registered applicants who do not obtain a position in the Match will be eligible to participate in MPII. Programs with positions available after the Match will offer those positions to applicants in MPII.

    Applicants participating in MPII apply to programs with positions available by the MPII application deadline for the program. All applicants and programs must submit their Rank Order Lists by the MPII Rank Order List deadline. A second match will be carried out using those Rank Order Lists, and the results will be distributed.

    It is possible that, after completion of MPII, some programs will be left with unfilled positions and some applicants will remain without a position. Beginning at on March 20, 2025, unmatched applicants should contact their colleges for assistance obtaining an available position. A List of Programs with Available Positions in the Post-Match Process will be posted on the AACPM website at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time on March 21, 2025.

Post-Match Process

  • What is the Post-Match Process?

    The Post-Match Process is the period after release of the results on MPII Status Day when applicants who did not obtain a position in CASPR may seek and fill positions in available programs.

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  • How do I submit applications in the Post-Match Process?

    Registered applicants can download their previously submitted applications from the NMS Match System. Applications for the Post-Match Process must be sent to programs directly (not through the NMS Match System). Contact the programs you are interested in if you have questions about their application procedures for the Post-Match Process.

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