• Can I tell an applicant that our program will rank them?

    Programs may voluntarily inform applicants as to whether or not the applicants remain under consideration for admission (e.g., whether or not the applicant will be ranked), but are not obliged to do so.

    Programs must never request ranking information from any applicant, and applicants must never request ranking information from any program. Furthermore, prior to the release of the Phase II Match results, programs must not disclose to any applicant the position of any applicant on their Rank Order List(s) for either Phase of the Match, and applicants must not disclose to any program any information about their rankings for either Phase of the Match.

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NMS Interview

  • Can I use NMS Interview?

    NMS Interview is being offered by APPIC to a pre-selected, limited, number of training sites on a trial basis. If you are not part of the trial, the NMS Interview module will not be enabled for you. There is no cost to training sites for using NMS Interview as part of the trial.

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  • How does NMS Interview work?

    NMS Interview is a module of the NMS Match System that allows training sites to streamline and automate interview scheduling. The following videos provide an overview of how NMS Interview works:

    Add Interview Events   (4 min)
    Add Candidates   (3 min)
    Send Interview Invitations   (2 min)
    Manage Events and Candidates   (4 min)

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