Register for the Match

The 2019 APPIC Match

Before You Register

Applicant registration for the 2019 Match is now closed.

  • Ensure Your Academic Training Program Is Eligible

    As part of the registration process, you will need to identify your doctoral program. Only students from doctoral programs that are APPIC Doctoral Program Associates (DPAs) are eligible to participate in the Match.

    Please note: DPA status applies to individual doctoral programs within a school or university, not to the school or university as a whole.

    While you must be matriculating through the program, there is no requirement for you to be registered or paying tuition for any particular semester in order to be eligible to participate in the Match.

    Each doctoral program will be provided with a list of the applicants who have indicated they are from that program, to confirm that applicants have identified the academic training program correctly when they registered for the Match.


The applicant registration fee is $130 USD.

The fee is non-refundable (even if you subsequently decide to withdraw from the Match) and is not transferable to future Matches or other applicants; it applies only to the current Match year for the applicant who registers when the fee is paid.

For applicants who do not obtain a position in Phase I of the Match, the fee you pay to register for the Match also covers your participation in Phase II of the Match; no additional fee is required to participate in Phase II or the Post-Match Vacancy Service.


It is recommended that you register for the Match by December 1, 2018.

Registrations can be accepted after December 1. However, if you register after December 31, 2018, your Director of Clinical Training must explicitly authorize your registration before it can be accepted by NMS. Furthermore, if you intend to participate in Phase I of the Match, you should be registered before entry of Rank Order Lists for Phase I begins on January 21, 2019 so that programs can rank you when they submit their Rank Order Lists. No applicant registrations for either Phase I or Phase II of the Match are allowed after February 6, 2019.

  • Information on registering after December 31, 2018

    To register after December 31, you should begin the registration process online. You must provide all the information requested in the system and agree to the terms of the Applicant Agreement online. However, you will not be able to pay the registration fee and complete the registration process online. After you have provided the required information and agreed to the terms of the Applicant Agreement, a page will be displayed with instructions for completing your registration. You must follow the instructions provided and send the necessary information to NMS.

    The following items need to be sent to NMS to complete your registration:

    • A statement signed by your DCT certifying that you are eligible for an internship beginning in 2019, and authorizing NMS to register you for the 2019 Match. This authorization can be provided by having your DCT either sign the form provided or send a separate signed letter to NMS providing the necessary authorization.
    • Payment of the Match registration fee. Payment can be made by providing credit card information to NMS, either on the form provided or by calling the NMS office. Alternatively, you can mail a check or international money order to NMS.

    Except for checks or money orders, these items can be sent to NMS as a scanned e-mail attachment or by fax. After both your DCT's authorization and your payment are received at NMS, you will be registered for the Match. NMS will then send you an e-mail confirming your Match registration and providing you with your applicant Match Code Number for the Match.

Register Online

Applicant registration for the 2019 Match is now closed.

If you are seeking a psychology internship position that begins in 2020, it is expected that information on registering for the APPIC Match for positions beginning in 2020 will be available on this web site by mid-August, 2019.

After You Register

When your registration is complete, you will be provided with a confirmation that includes the 5-digit Match Code Number assigned to you for the Match. Use your Match Code Number in all future correspondence pertaining to the Match. You will need your Match Code Number, e-mail, and password in order to access your account, submit your Rank Order List, and obtain your Match result from the NMS Match System. You should also enter your Match Code Number into your AAPI Online application, so that the programs you apply to will be able to identify you by your Code Number.

  • Subscribe to MATCH-NEWS and Review APPIC web site

    You should subscribe to APPIC's MATCH-NEWS, which is a free e-mail information service that provides important information about the Match and the process of seeking an internship.

    APPIC also maintains a web site that provides additional useful information about the Match, such as frequently asked questions, statistics and survey results, as well as access to the APPIC Online Directory of internship and postdoctoral programs and the AAPI Online application service.