Overview for Doctoral Programs

The 2019 APPIC Match

The Match Process

Information about the 2020 APPIC Match will be available August, 2019

Student List

   Register with the Match

Only doctoral programs that are APPIC Doctoral Program Associates (DPAs) may have their students participate in the Match.

Some doctoral programs that are not DPAs but that meet certain eligibility criteria may have their students participate in the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service, but not the Match.

   List of Your Students

It is the responsibility of the Director of Clinical Training (DCT) of each doctoral program to ensure the eligibility of their students registered to participate in the Match, and the accuracy of the information provided to the Match by students from their doctoral program.

   Get Your Results

When the results are released for each Phase of the Match, Directors of Clinical Training of APPIC DPAs will have access to a report of the results obtained by each of their students who are registered for the Match.