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The 2019 APPIC Match


Applications are not processed by NMS. Training Sites that participate in the Match access their applications using the AAPI Online Selection Portal.


APPIC and the Match maintain separate directories of internship programs that applicants may consult when searching for programs of interest. The two directories serve different purposes.

   APPIC Directory On Line (DoL) Match List of Participating Internships
  • Lists APPIC member Training Sites only
  • Provides detailed information about the Training Site, the positions offered, and the application requirements
  • Lists all internship programs participating in the Match, which includes both APPIC member and non-member programs
  • Provides internship names, brief program descriptions, and Match Code Numbers
View APPIC Directory On Line (DoL) Match List of Participating Internships


In order to submit your Rank Order List(s) by the deadline for each Phase of the Match, all your applicant interviews should be completed before the Rank Order List deadline date for each Phase. You are reminded that, according to the Internship Site Agreement, you may not require any commitments from applicants or make any offers of appointment prior to the release of the Match results.

For Phase I of the Match, internship programs that conduct on-site or telephone interviews must make a reasonable effort to notify every applicant who submits a complete set of application materials as to their interview status.

An internship program must not communicate its ranking intentions to any applicant and must not request that an applicant state how the applicant intends to rank any program.

List of Registered Applicants

Training Sites participating in the Match have access to a List of Registered Applicants in the NMS Match System. The list shows the name and Match Code Number assigned to each applicant who is registered to participate in the Match.

You must log in to the NMS Match System to access the list.

Log In to the NMS Match System

Only applicants who are registered for the Match can be included on your Rank Order List. Check that all applicants your training site intends to rank are included in the List of Registered Applicants.

If you wish to rank an applicant who does not appear in the List, contact the applicant and encourage them to register for the Match as soon as possible.

Note: Applicants who match in Phase I of the Match are not eligible to match in Phase II. These applicants will be removed from the List of Registered Applicants prior to the opening of the NMS Match System for rankings for Phase II.

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