Results For Applicants

The 2023 APPIC Match

Results For Applicants

The 2023 APPIC Internship Matching Program

Access Your Match Results

You must log into the NMS Match System to access your Match result.

Training Directors must send letters of agreement to their matched applicants postmarked or emailed within 7 days of the release of the Phase II APPIC Match results. A copy of that letter will be sent to your Director of Clinical Training.

Although NMS makes every effort to provide you with your Match result expeditiously, failure to receive your result in a timely manner does not affect your obligation to the program where you are matched.

Available Positions

No list of programs with unfilled positions is provided on the Match website after Phase II of the Match. Applicants should consult APPIC's Post-Match Vacancy Service to identify Training Sites with positions available.

APPIC Match Policies, especially Match Policy #11, apply to applicants seeking available positions and to programs with positions available after the Match.


Statistics for the Match are available on the APPIC website.

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