The 2024 APPIC Match


The 2024 APPIC Internship Matching Program


In order to submit your Rank Order List(s) by the deadline for each Phase of the Match, all your applicant interviews must be completed before the Rank Order List deadline date for each Phase. You are reminded that, according to the Internship Site Agreement, you may not require any commitments from applicants or make any offers of appointment prior to the release of the Match results.

For Phase I of the Match, internship programs that conduct on-site or remote interviews must make a reasonable effort to notify every applicant who submits a complete set of application materials as to their interview status.

Communication Guidelines

Programs and applicants are allowed to communicate about matters that do not involve the sharing of ranking information.

Programs may voluntarily choose to inform an applicant as to whether or not the applicant remains under consideration for admission (e.g., whether or not the applicant will be ranked), but are not obliged to do so. Programs must never request ranking information from any applicant, and applicants must never request ranking information from any program.

Furthermore, prior to the release of the Phase II Match results, programs must not disclose to any applicant the position of any applicant on their Rank Order List(s) for either Phase of the Match, and applicants must not disclose to any program any information about their rankings for either Phase of the Match.

Programs must provide complete and accurate information to applicants during the application, interview, and evaluation processes concerning the internship position(s) available through the Match, including all institutional and program policies related to eligibility requirements for appointment.

NMS InterviewNew Service

NMS Interview is a module of the NMS Match System that enables internships to streamline and automate interview scheduling.

The NMS Interview module is being made available by APPIC this year at no cost to all sites registered for the Match. APPIC strongly encourages all sites to use NMS Interview, even if they previously used a different interview scheduling system.

Internships add their interview dates, import a list of their candidates, and send invitations online. The interview candidates self-schedule themselves into available timeslots. Both training sites and candidates see their interview dates confirmed in real-time and get access to printable interview itineraries.

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