Multiple Rank Order Lists

The 2019 APPIC Match

Why Use Multiple Lists

Most programs will need to submit only one Rank Order List for the Match, in order to match with the most desirable applicants to the program. However, some programs may have special requirements that can only be satisfied by submitting multiple Rank Order List for a single program.

It is possible within the matching algorithm to attempt to recruit a particular "mix" or distribution of applicants based on specific applicant characteristics such as language fluency or location of residence.

Training Sites offering more than one program in the Match can choose to submit multiple lists for some or all of their programs, if desired. For example, a training site offering a general internship program, a neuropsychology program and a geropsychology program could choose to submit three lists for the general internship program, two lists for the neuropsychology program, and only one list for the geropsychology program, if that was necessary to satisfy their requirements.

Multiple lists for one program will be accepted only in Phase I of the Match. This option will not be available to programs in Phase II of the Match.

How to Construct Multiple Lists

To construct the appropriate multiple lists for a program, you must:

  1. Divide the program's available positions into separate categories
  2. Designate how many positions are to be allocated to each category
  3. Create a ranked list of the appropriate applicants for each category

Applicants applying to a program that chooses to submit multiple lists for a single program need only include on their Rank Order Lists the single program Match Code Number originally assigned to the program. Applicants do not need to know that the program is submitting multiple lists, or on which specific list(s) for the program their names may appear.

Procedures to Submit Multiple Lists

Information and instructions for multiple Rank Order Lists for a single program will be provided to training sites by December 31, 2018.

If you have questions about multiple lists and how they might apply to your training site, please contact NMS to discuss your situation.