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Participating Internships for Phase II

The 2018 APPIC Match

The internship programs participating in Phase II of the APPIC Match for positions beginning in 2018 are shown below. This list will be updated regularly. You can Search/Filter the content of the list by typing into the search box. Review the Search Tips.

The list includes all programs that had unfilled positions from Phase I of the Match, as well as any programs that have been Added to the Match after Phase I. Programs that had unfilled positions in Phase I but have Withdrawn from Phase II are shown as crossed-out. Each participating program is uniquely identified in the Match by a 6-digit Program Code Number, which applicants should use to identify each program when submitting their Rank Order Lists.

APPIC sponsors a Late-Breaking News Service that is used by some Training Directors to provide information about changes to their program or application requirements.

The APA or CPA accreditation status of each site is shown in the list. The accreditation status has been provided to NMS by each site, and is not guaranteed to be accurate by NMS or APPIC. The current official accreditation status for any site can be obtained directly from the APA web site or CPA web site.

For sites that are APPIC members, the "Yes" indicating the site's membership status provides a link to the site's listing in the APPIC Directory Online. To obtain further information on any program, contact the Training Director directly.



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