Doctoral Program Registration

The 2019 APPIC Match

Registering for the Match

Doctoral Programs register for the Match by becoming approved as APPIC DPAs. Doctoral Programs do not register directly with NMS.

Only doctoral programs that are APPIC Doctoral Program Associates (DPAs) may have their students participate in the Match.

APPIC notifies NMS directly of all doctoral programs that are DPAs. These programs are identified as DPAs in the list of Eligible Doctoral Programs on this web site.

NMS sends an e-mail to each eligible doctoral program to confirm information about the program, including the name and contact information for the DCT. If your doctoral program is a DPA and has not received an e-mail from NMS, please contact NMS.

Other than responding to the e-mail from NMS, DCTs do not need to do anything further to register their doctoral programs for the Match. Eligible doctoral programs are able to monitor their students' registration for and participation in the Match. They will also be notified of the Match results obtained by their students in each Phase of the Match.

Doctoral Programs that are not DPAs cannot send students into the Match. However, their students may be able to participate in the APPIC Post-Match Vacancy Service if they meet certain eligibility criteria established by APPIC.

Become an APPIC Doctoral Program Associate

To become a DPA, a program must comply with APPIC's Doctoral Program Associate Policy, apply to and be approved by APPIC, and pay an annual fee to APPIC.

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