APPIC Internship Matching Program

for Internship Positions Beginning in 2022

Information for Match Participants

Participating internships

Participating Internships

A list of internships registered to participate in the 2022 APPIC Match is available.

List of Participating Internships

Eligible Doctoral Programs

Only applicants from eligible doctoral programs may participate in the Match and/or the Post-Match Vacancy Service.

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Key Dates

NMS Match System Open for Phase I Rankings

The Match operates on a fixed Schedule of Dates which all participants must follow. The following are key upcoming dates:

December 31, 2021: Applicant registration after this date requires explicit DCT approval.

January 17, 2022: NMS Match System opens to enter rankings for Phase I of the Match.

February 4, 2022: Phase I Rank Order List deadline.

February 18, 2022: Phase I Results released. A list of programs with positions in Phase II of the Match will be provided beginning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Applicants who are eligible to participate in Phase II of the Match will be able to submit applications to internship programs independently of the Match using the AAPI application service.

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Additional Match Information

Match Overview

Match Overview

The APPIC Match provides an orderly process to help applicants obtain positions in psychology internship programs of their choice, and to help internships obtain applicants of their choice.

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Rules and Policies

Rules and Policies

Each applicant and internship must accept the terms of the Match Agreements when they register to participate in the Match, and must agree to abide by the rules and policies of the Match.

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Matching Algorithm

The matching algorithm uses the preferences stated on the Rank Order Lists submitted by applicants and programs to fill available positions.

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Match statistics are available on the APPIC website.

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