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Registered Students and Applications to Affiliated Sites

2018 ORMatch

List of Registered Students

Directors of Residencies will have to access an online list of students who graduated or will graduate from their school or college and are registered for ORMatch.

More information about the List of Registered Students will be available by October 4, 2017.

Applications to Affiliated Residency Sites

Directors of Residencies will have access to an online list of applicants who sent applications to each program affiliated with their school or college that is registered to participate in ORMatch. The list for each program includes a link to a PDF file of the ORMatch application form submitted to the program by each applicant.

Programs are free to set their own application requirements and deadline date. Evaluations and interviews are conducted independent of ORMatch.

The last day applicants can submit an ORMatch application form to programs using the ORMatch Application Service is January 31, 2018. Programs may still accept applications after this date, but all application information, including NBEO Score Report Data, must be provided to the program directly by the applicant.

More information about applications submitted to affiliated residency sites will be available by October 4, 2017.



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