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2024 ORMatch

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Directors of Residencies can log into the NMS Match System to access a list of their residencies that have registered to participate in ORMatch and the applications submitted to those residencies.

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About the ORMatch Application Service

The ORMatch Application Service is an online tool that allows applicants to send applications to residencies and allows residencies to organize and evaluate applications submitted by applicants.

Each ORMatch application includes the following core applications materials:

  • Applicant Information Form, which includes contact, educational, demographic, and NBEO score information provided by the applicant
  • Letter of Intent uploaded by the applicant
  • CV uploaded by the applicant
  • OD Transcript (unofficial) uploaded by the applicant
  • 3 Letters of Reference provided by individuals chosen by the applicant
  • Supplemental Material uploaded by the applicant, if required

Residencies should ensure their application requirements are correctly specified in the ASCO Residency Directory.

Applicants provide their information, upload their documents, request letters of reference, and submit their applications to residencies using the NMS Match System. The applicant registration fee for ORMatch of $350 pays for an applicant to participate in the Match and send 10 applications to residencies. Additional applications can be sent at a cost of $25 per application.

When an applicant identifies an individual as a reference letter writer, the reference writer is sent an automated email from ORMatch alerting them about the request and providing a personal note from the applicant about the desired contents of the letter. If the reference writer wants to customize the letter they prepare for each residency where the applicant will apply, the applicant must submit multiple reference requests to the same reference writer, one for each letter the reference writer will prepare. The reference writer must log into the NMS Match System and upload a reference letter as a PDF document. Applicants cannot see the contents of the reference letter, but they will be able to monitor the completion of the reference request. Applicants are allowed to submit applications to residencies before their chosen reference writers have uploaded their letters. The Program Coordinators will be notified and the application will be updated when each letter of reference is received.

An application is available for download by the residency and the residency's affiliated Director of Residencies as soon as it is submitted online by an applicant. Each residency sets its own application deadline date and requirements, and an applicant can tailor and customize an application for each residency. Once the application deadline has passed for a residency, applicants cannot send an application to the residency. The ORMatch Application Service has online tools to help Program Coordinators review and evaluate their applications.

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