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2024 ORMatch

Match Results

Registered applicants must log into the NMS Match System to access their Match result.

Log Into the NMS Match System
  • Match Result Information Available
    • All applicants have access to information on whether or not they have been matched to a position. Matched applicants will be told the specific program to which they matched.
    • Applicant results are available to the Directors of Residencies at each ASCO affiliated school and college of optometry and to all residency sites that participated in ORMatch, but they are not available to other applicants.
    • Applicants also have access to a list of programs with positions available in the Post-Match Process.

Although NMS makes every effort to provide you with your Match result expeditiously, failure to receive your result in a timely manner does not affect your obligation to the program where you are matched.

If you matched, the program where you matched will send you a letter of confirmation within 10 working days of the release of the ORMatch results. You must return the letter in accordance with the program's instructions within 30 days of the release of the ORMatch results. If a program does not honor its Match commitment, report the case to either NMS or ASCO.

If you did not obtain a position in the Match, you may participate in the Post-Match Process for available positions.

In June, ORMatch will send to programs updated NBEO Score Report Data for all of their matched applicants.

Match Statistics

Statistics for the 2024 ORMatch and previous years are available.

View Match Statistics

Post-Match Process

Following release of the Match results, applicants who are not matched are permitted to seek positions that remain available independently of ORMatch.

A List of Programs with Available Positions is posted publicly to unmatched applicants on the ORMatch website. Information on this list may be updated by programs.

List of Programs With Available Positions

Information on applicants who submitted an application or certified a Rank Order List but we not matched, or who withdrew but indicated they are still seeking a position, is provided to residency sites and Directors of Residencies in the NMS Match System.

Programs can obtain applications from applicants in any manner they desire, including directly from applicants. Applicants who registered for ORMatch but did not obtain a position can send applications to programs in the Post-Match Process using the NMS Match System, or they may send applications to programs directly. Individuals who did not register for ORMatch prior to the Rank Order List deadline but are seeking positions during the Post-Match Process must send applications to programs directly. If you have questions about a program's application procedures during the Post-Match Process, contact the program directly.

If an applicant accepts a position during the Post-Match Process, ORMatch can include their NBEO scores in a report sent to programs in June, provided that the Program Coordinator requests this information from ORMatch and the applicant confirms their acceptance of the position to ORMatch.

Optometry Resident Directory

Applicants who obtain a position in the Match or Post-Match Process will have their information added to the Optometry Resident Directory. The Optometry Resident Directory is an online service sponsored by ASCO that helps residents and outside entities network with one another for career opportunities. The Directory allows residents to stay connected to the optometric community while providing prospective employers with an easy way to identify residents who might be a good fit for their practices.

NMS will send emails to residents in June when they are added to the Directory. At that time, residents may log into the Directory to update or delete their information, if desired.

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