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2019 ORMatch

The ORMatch Application Service is a web-based system that allows applicants to send an application form with a standard set of contact, educational and demographic information to programs as part of the application process.

The ORMatch Application Service will open October 3, 2018.

Identifying Programs

The List of Participating Programs identifies all optometry residency sites that are registered for ORMatch and provides the application deadline date specified by each program.

Application Procedures

Use the NMS Match System to submit applications to programs participating in ORMatch.

The ORMatch Application Service will open October 3, 2018.

Submitting an application using the ORMatch Application Service does not constitute a complete application to any of the programs participating in ORMatch. You must still submit any additional supporting documents required by programs (e.g., CVs, letters of reference, transcripts, personal statements, etc.) directly to the programs to which you are applying. You should include your 5-digit ORMatch Code Number when sending any additional supporting documents to programs.

Each program sets its own application requirements and deadline date. Therefore, you should check with each program as soon as possible regarding its application requirements.

You can only send applications to programs if you are registered for ORMatch, and you can only send applications to programs that are registered for ORMatch. When you register, you are provided with 10 credits that enable you to send applications to up to 10 programs. If you want to send more than 10 applications, you will have to purchase more credits to send additional applications at the cost of $15 USD per application.

Once you submit an application using the ORMatch Application Service, the program will be able to download your application from the NMS Match System starting the next business day.

The last day you can submit an application to programs using the online ORMatch Application Service is January 31, 2019. However, some programs have an earlier application deadline date.

Some programs may still be willing to accept applications after January 31, 2019. If you apply to programs only after the January 31, 2019 closing date, you must still register for and participate in ORMatch in order to obtain a position.

Application Contents

The application information submitted online has three sections:

  • Contact Information

    The Contact Information includes:

    • Your name
    • Mailing Address
    • E-mail address
    • Primary and alternate phone numbers
  • Demographic Information

    The Demographic Information includes:

    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • US citizenship status

    Note: Due to federal regulations, funded residency site positions at US Federal facilities are limited to US citizens.

  • Education Information

    The Education Information includes:

    • Your OE TRACKER Number
    • Optometry School
    • Optometry Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Undergraduate Major
    • Year of Graduation from Optometry School
    • NBEO Part I Examination score
    • NBEO scores for the Part II, Part III, Injections Skill (ISE), and Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease (TMOD) examinations, if applicable

    Note: Your NBEO Part I Examination score is required on the application form.

If you certify a Rank Order List but do not match to a position, you will be included on the List of Unmatched Applicants that is provided to programs for the Post-Match Process. When you submit your application information you have the option of including or excluding your US Citizenship status and NBEO Pass/Fail score information on the List of Unmatched Applicants. Programs that you do not apply to might wish to use this information to determine if you would be a good fit to fill their available positions.

NBEO Score Report Data

The NBEO Part I Examination score is required to send an application. Part II, Part III, ISE, and TMOD scores should be entered if they are available, but they are not required for the application. You should check with individual programs prior to registering for Part III of the NBEO, so that you may register for the appropriate state law examinations that are administered by the NBEO in conjunction with Part III.

In addition to the NBEO scores you provide in the ORMatch Application Service, NBEO will provide your Score Report Data to ORMatch. In February, ORMatch will send the Score Report Data it receives from the NBEO to the programs where you have applied through the ORMatch Application Service.

ORMatch will send an e-mail to applicants to review the NBEO Score Report Data that is sent to programs. It is your responsibility to correct any errors or omissions in the NBEO Score Report Data directly with the program(s). You can access your NBEO Score Report Data from the NBEO web site.

If you are matched, ORMatch will send updated NBEO Score Report Data in June to the program where you are matched. If you accept a position during the Post-Match Process, ORMatch can include your scores in the report sent to programs, provided that the Program Coordinator requests this information from ORMatch and you confirm your acceptance of the position.

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