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2019 ORMatch

Send Applications to Programs

The ORMatch Application Service is now closed for the 2019 Match.

If you wish to apply to a program at this time, you must send all application materials to the program directly. The program will not receive your NBEO Score Report Data from ORMatch.

Please note that programs may disregard applications submitted after their individual application deadline date has passed. Any applicant applying to a program at this time must still register for ORMatch and participate in the matching process in order to obtain a position at the program.

Reporting of NBEO Scores

In February, ORMatch will obtain Score Report Data from the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) for each applicant that submitted an application online through the ORMatch Application Service. ORMatch will send the NBEO Score Report Data to the programs where each applicant applied.

If you are matched, ORMatch will send updated NBEO Score Report Data in June to the program where you are matched. If you accept a position during the Post-Match Process, ORMatch can include your scores in the report sent to programs, provided that the Program Coordinator requests this information from ORMatch and you confirm your acceptance of the position.

ORMatch will send you an e-mail to review the NBEO Score Report Data that is sent to programs. It is your responsibility to correct any errors or omissions in the NBEO Score Report Data directly with the program(s).



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