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The 2018 APPCN Match

What happens if I do not obtain a position in the Match?

Following release of the results, applicants who are not matched are permitted to seek and fill positions that remain available independent of the APPCN Match.

A List of Programs with Available Positions will be provided to applicants in the NMS Match System. Programs will be able to update the information on available positions provided to applicants as positions fill or new positions become available. Programs with available positions will also be able to access a list of unmatched applicants in the NMS Match System.

NMS is not involved in the filling of positions during the Post-Match Process.

What if I refuse to take my matched position?

The Match result constitutes a binding commitment from which neither the applicant nor the program can withdraw without mutual written consent.

Applicants who do not accept appointment to the position to which they matched will be in violation of the Applicant Agreement of the APPCN Resident Matching Program.

Violations of the Agreement, such as rejecting a matched position, will be reported to the Association of Postdoctoral Programs in Clinical Neuropsychology and they may decide to impose penalties.



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