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The 2024 APPCN Match

Things to Know

  1. Registering for the APPCN Match does not constitute an application to any program.
  2. You should check with each program directly about their application requirements and method of submission.
  3. You should provide your 5-digit Match Code Number to the programs to which you apply.
  4. All application requirements, including interviews, must be completed early enough so that your Rank Order List for the APPCN Match can be submitted no later than the February 14, 2024 deadline.
  5. Programs may provide limited information about the status of your candidacy, in accordance with APPCN Match Policy #4d. While some programs choose to communicate this information, others do not. The absence of such communication should not be interpreted as a lack of interest in your candidacy

Sending Applications

Applications are submitted to residency sites independently of the APPCN Match.

APPCN member residency sites expect applicants to have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree prior to beginning postdoctoral residency training. Applicants registered for the 2024 APPCN Match who have not yet received their doctoral degree should have a Doctoral Training Verification Form completed by their dissertation advisor or Director of Clinical Training. A copy of the completed form should be provided to each APPCN member residency site to which you apply. (Do not send this form directly to NMS or APPCN.)

According to the APPCN Match Policies, prior to the Rank Order List deadline, residency sites may voluntarily provide applicants with a limited set of information regarding the quality of their candidacy. While many Program Directors choose to provide this information to applicants, some programs do not. The fact that a Program Director does not communicate this information to you directly does not imply that you are not a strong candidate for the program.

Applying to Non-Match Programs

There are some programs that are not members of APPCN and are not participating in the APPCN Match. As a result, some applicants may have applied to both participating and non-participating programs.

Prior to the Rank Order List deadline, if you receive an offer from a program that is not participating in the APPCN Match (i.e., a "preemptive offer") you may contact programs participating in the APPCN Match and inform those programs of the preemptive offer. If a participating program intends to rank you in a manner that will guarantee a match, that program may so inform you. Please refer to Policy #4 of the APPCN Match Policies for complete details.

An applicant who receives a preemptive offer may hold that offer and participate in the APPCN Match by submitting a Rank Order List of programs that includes only programs the applicant prefers to the preemptive offer. This rule gives applicants the ability to consider all opportunities and to secure their most preferred placement for their residency education.

If you submit a Rank Order List and are matched with a program, you must decline the preemptive offer and accept the position with which you are matched. If you are left unmatched, you can accept the preemptive offer after 12:00 p.m. noon Eastern Time on Match Day.

If you decide to accept a position at a program that is not participating in the APPCN Match before the Rank Order List deadline, you must withdraw from the Match prior to the Rank Order List deadline.

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