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Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program for Positions Beginning in 2020


Applications are not processed by NMS and are submitted to and reviewed by programs independently of the Match.

Most (but not all) programs use the ADEA PASS application service for postdoctoral applications.


ADEA PASS and the Match maintain separate directories that applicants may consult when searching for programs of interest. The two directories serve different purposes. To minimize confusion for applicants, you should ensure the information provided in each directory (e.g., institution and residency name) is consistent.

ADEA PASS Program Search Engine Match List of Participating Programs
  • Lists all programs that use the ADEA PASS application service
  • Provides residency contact information and application requirements
  • Lists residencies that are registered to participate in the Match
  • Provides program names, Code Numbers, and website links.
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In order to submit your Rank Order List(s) by the deadline, all your applicant interviews must be completed before that deadline date. You are reminded that, according to the Residency Agreement for participation in the Match, you may not require any commitments from applicants or make any commitments to applicants regarding offers of appointment to positions participating in the Match before the release of the Match results.

A program may voluntarily inform an applicant as to whether or not it intends to rank the applicant, and an applicant may voluntarily inform a program as to whether or not the applicant intends to rank the program. However, neither party (program or applicant) may solicit such information from the other party. Furthermore, while you may freely discuss any matter with an applicant, neither party may disclose to the other party or solicit from the other party any information regarding the positioning of any program or applicant on a Rank Order List.

List of Registered Applicants

In the NMS Match System, residencies can access a List of Registered Applicants. The list shows the name and unique Match Code Number assigned to each applicant who is registered to participate in the Match. (The 5-digit Match Code Number for an applicant is not the same as the applicant's PASS ID.)

The List of Registered Applicants will be available by October 18, 2019.

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