Account User Guide for Programs

Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program for Positions Beginning in 2022

Account User Guide for Programs

Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program for Positions Beginning in 2022

NMS Match System System Access

  • Log In to the NMS Match System

    You can access the NMS Match System by selecting the Log In option in the menubutton in the top-right corner of the screen.

    To log into the NMS Match System, you will need to use the email address and password that you previously established in the NMS Match System (e.g., when you registered your residency for the Match).

  • Forgot Password?

    If you do not know your password, please use the Forgot Password? link provided on the NMS Match System login page and follow the instructions to reset your password.

    forgot password
  • Update Account Information

    You can change your email, password and security questions in the NMS Match System.

    Ensure your email address is correct, as your residency's Match results and other correspondence pertaining to the Match will be sent to that email address. If you are responsible for more than one program, any changes you make to your Account information will apply to all of your programs.

  • New/Changed Program Director

    If there is a change in Program Director, the following information should be updated in the NMS Match System:

    • Account Section: Email address, password, security questions
    • Profile Section: Program Director name, phone, fax, mailing address if necessary

    If possible, you should work with the former Program Director to update this information. The former Program Director can log in to the system, enter your email address and provide a temporary password for you in the Account section. You can then log in with your email address and the temporary password, and update the password and the rest of the information as required.

    If the former Program Director is not available and you do not have access to the login credentials created by the former Program Director, you must send a signed request to NMS, on the residency's letterhead, providing your email address and requesting that NMS update the login information for your residency. The letter can be sent to

Manage Your Program(s)

After you log into the NMS Match System for a program, you are presented with a Dashboard. The Dashboard shows your program’s current participation status in the Match, the number of positions being offered, and information about the program’s rankings for the Match.

Program Directors that have more than one program registered in the Match will be presented with a list of their programs after they log into the system. You must select one program from the list to reach the main Dashboard page for the program.

  • Change the Number of Positions Offered by a Program

    You should ensure that the number of positions to be filled in the Match is correct for each program. The number of positions to be filled for a program can be changed, if necessary, until the Rank Order List Deadline for your program.

    • Select the Edit button in the Positions section of the Dashboard
    • Select the appropriate number of positions to be filled

    Per the Residency Agreement, all positions to be filled in 2022 for the first year of training in a program must be offered through the Match; any exemption to offer a position prior to the Match requires written authorization from the appropriate sponsoring organization.

  • Participation Status - Withdraw or Reinstate a Program

    The Status section shows the program's participation status in the Match. All registered programs that intend to offer positions that start training in 2022 should have a status of Active.

    If the program is no longer offering positions in 2022, it should withdraw from the Match. If you have withdrawn a program but now want that program to participate in the Match or offer positions in the Post-Match, you can reinstate that program before the Rank Order List deadline.

    If your program has positions available but no acceptable applicants, you should not withdraw the program but should certify a Rank Order List with No Ranks.

    To withdraw from the Match:

    • Select the Edit button in the Status section of the Dashboard
    • Select a reason for withdrawing
    • Enter your password and press Submit.
    edit status

    To reinstate the program in the Match:

    • Select the Edit button in the Status section of the Dashboard
    • Follow the instructions provided on the screen to complete the reinstatement process.
  • Add a New Program to Your Residency

    You may add new programs to your residency in the Account section of the NMS Match System.

    Use the Add New Program button to add an additional program to your residency. All programs added for the residency must be the same type (e.g., OMS). To add a program of a different type, please contact NMS.

    To add a new program, select the number of positions to be filled in 2022 and edit the description of the new program. The description of the new program must be unique and clearly distinguish that program from any other program offered by your residency. You may also need to modify the description(s) of the previously existing program(s) offered by your residency to ensure the program descriptions clearly identify each program.

    The Program Code will be assigned to the new program automatically.

  • Update Residency and/or Program Information

    Select the Profile option from the NMS Match System menu to update your program description, residency name, residency website, Program Director name, mailing address, telephone, and fax number.

    You may edit most of this information until the Rank Order List deadline for the program. However, you cannot change the residency's name or the program description once the NMS Match System is open for rankings.

    If your residency has more than one program in the Match, any changes you make to the Residency Information for one program will be made automatically for all programs at the residency. You cannot have different contact information for different programs within your residency.

    To update your Profile information:

    • Select the Edit button next to the information you want to change
    • Update the information
    • Press the Save button

    Detailed instructions about the content to be entered into each field can be found by pressing the tooltip icon (?) next to the field name.

  • List Available Positions Post-Match

    This section controls whether or not the program will be included on the List of Programs with Available Positions if the program has unfilled positions after the Match.

    In some cases, programs left with unfilled positions in the Match are not able to offer those positions to applicants after the Match. If your program does not intend to offer applicants any positions that might remain unfilled in the Match, you should:

    • Select the Edit button in the List Available Positions Post-Match section of the Dashboard
    • Select No from the drop-down menu and press Submit

Browser Requirements

The online NMS Match System is designed to be used with the security and features of modern web browsers.

  • Browser Requirements

    We recommend using the most up to date version of one of the following browsers:

    If you access the system with a browser that is not in the list above, or with a browser that is significantly out of date, you may see warning messages and experience problems.

    You must have JavaScript enabled and accept cookies for the NMS Match System to function correctly.

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