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Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program for Positions Beginning in 2020

Before You Register

  • Learn About Sending Applications to Programs

    Registration for the Match does NOT constitute an application to any of the dental programs participating in the Match. You should check with each program directly about how to submit an application. Most, but not all, programs use the ADEA PASS application service and you can send applications to programs using that service.

Participating Programs

ORTHO, PERIO, PROS, ANES and Canadian GPR programs participate in Phase I of the Match. AEGD, US GPR, OMS and PED programs participate in Phase II of the Match. Most (but not all) programs of these types participate in the Match. Programs of other types do not participate in the Match.


There is a fee of $95 USD to register for the Match. The registration fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and irrevocable.

The Match registration fee covers participation in both Phase I and Phase II of the Match. Applicants who register for Phase I but do not obtain a position in Phase I do not have to register again or pay an additional fee to participate in Phase II.


It is recommended that you register for the Match by October 1, 2019. You must be registered in order to submit your Rank Order List and be ranked by programs. The final deadline to register to participate in each Phase of the Match is:

For Phase I (ORTHO, PERIO, PROS, ANES and Canadian GPR):
November 15, 2019
For Phase II (AEGD, US GPR, OMS and PED):
January 10, 2020

Most programs submit their Rank Order Lists for the Match well before the Rank Order List deadline. Therefore, to ensure you are able to be ranked by programs, you should register well before the final dates listed above.

Register Online

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After You Register

When your registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that includes the 5-digit applicant Code Number that uniquely identifies you in the Match. Use your Code Number in all future correspondence pertaining to the Dental Match.

You should provide your Code Number to the programs where you apply. If you are applying to programs that participate in the ADEA PASS application service, you should also enter your Code Number into your ADEA PASS application.

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