2024 Chiro Match


In order to submit your Rank Order List(s) by the deadline, all your applicant interviews must be completed before that deadline date.

Prior to the Rank Order List deadline, you must provide complete and accurate information concerning the position(s) being offered in the Chiro Match to all applicants who you will interview or rank, including all institution and residency policies related to eligibility requirements for appointment.

You are reminded that, according to the Program Agreement, you may not require a commitment from any applicant or make an offer of appointment to any applicant prior to the release of the Chiro Match results.

Interview Scheduling

The NMS Match System has an interview scheduling module that allows programs to streamline and automate their interview scheduling.

Programs add their interview dates, import their candidates (e.g., from your applications), and send invitations online. The interview candidates self-schedule themselves into available timeslots. Both programs and candidates see their interview dates confirmed in real-time and get access to printable interview itineraries.

Programs are encouraged, but not required, to schedule their interviews using the NMS Match System.

Interview Scheduling User Guide

Communication Guidelines

You may freely discuss any matter with an applicant, and both the program and the applicant may express a high level of interest in each other.

A program may voluntarily inform an applicant that it intends to rank the applicant. Similarly, an applicant may voluntarily inform a program that they intend to rank the program. However, neither the program nor the applicant may ask or prompt the other side for this information.

Furthermore, neither programs nor applicants may solicit or disclose information about rank positioning. For example, it is prohibited to make statements like "I will rank you first" or "You are at the top of my list".

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