Research and Publications

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Collaboration For the Nobel Prize

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Stable matching: Theory, evidence, and practical design
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Prize in Economic Sciences 2012: Information for the Public. Oct 15 2012.

Our Algorithm Used for Matching Around the World

The Effects of the Change in the NRMP matching algorithm.
Journal of the American Medical AssociationSep 1997, 729-732.
Academic Medicine
The NRMP matching algorithm revisited: Theory versus practice.
Academic Medicine, 1995, 70, 477-484
New England Journal of Medicine
The Matching Program
New England Journal of Medicine 1981; 304:1163-1165

Contributions to Market Design

Quarterly Journal of Economics
Matching with Couples: Stability and Incentives in Large Markets
Quarterly Journal of Economics. 2013, 128(4)
American Economic Review
Jumping the Gun: Imperfections and Institutions Related to the Timing of Market Transactions
American Economic Review, 84, Sep 1994, 992-1044.
Training and Education in Professional Psychology
A growing bottleneck: The internship supply-demand imbalance in 2007 and its impact on psychology training
Training and Education in Professional Psychology, Vol 1(4), Nov 2007, 229-237
Stable Matchings with Couples
Stable Matchings With Couples
Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol 68, Issues 1-2, 203-207. 1996.