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Collaboration For the Nobel Prize

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Stable matching: Theory, evidence, and practical design
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Prize in Economic Sciences 2012: Information for the Public. Oct 15 2012.

The Roth-Peranson Algorithm Used For Matching Around the World

JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association

The Effects of the Change in the NRMP matching algorithm.
Journal of the American Medical Association Sep 1997, 729-732.

Academic Medicine

The NRMP matching algorithm revisited: Theory versus practice.
Academic Medicine, 1995, 70, 477-484

New England Journal of Medicine

The Matching Program
New England Journal of Medicine 1981; 304:1163-1165

Addressing Challenges of Matching in Practice

Quarterly Journal of Economics
Matching with Couples: Stability and Incentives in Large Markets
Quarterly Journal of Economics. 2013, 128(4)
American Economic Review

Jumping the Gun: Imperfections and Institutions Related to the Timing of Market Transactions
American Economic Review, 84, Sep 1994, 992-1044.

Training and Education in Professional Psychology

A growing bottleneck: The internship supply-demand imbalance in 2007 and its impact on psychology training
Training and Education in Professional Psychology, Vol 1(4), Nov 2007, 229-237

Discrete Applied Mathematics

Stable Matchings With Couples
Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol 68, Issues 1-2, 203-207. 1996.