About Us

Our Mission

To structure and simplify recruitment markets through a process that is fair, efficient, and transparent.

Four Decades of Service and Success

National Matching Services Inc. (NMS) was founded by Elliott Peranson in 1985, after developing sophisticated matching software to place physicians into residencies in the United States.

The Roth-Peranson matching algorithm is our core matching engine. The algorithm is based on the deferred acceptance algorithm, but has been adapted to accommodate complexities that arise in applying matching to real-world markets. The algorithm was designed by Alvin Roth and NMS President Elliott Peranson, and was key to Roth's winning the 2012 Nobel Prize for economics.

Since then, NMS has expanded its product and service offerings to cover all stages of the recruitment process. We have applied our knowledge, expertise, and technology in:

  • Healthcare residency and internship placement (physicians, pharmacists, dentists, psychologists, optometrists, and others)
  • School admissions
  • Student Exchange
  • Enterprise human resources (financial services, law, and others)