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Notice of Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Your Personal Information - AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

You are strongly encouraged to read the National Matching Services Inc. (NMS) Privacy Statement ( as it describes privacy policies and procedures that are applicable for this Match.


National Matching Services Inc. (NMS) administers matching services for the AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program (the “Match”). The Match is sponsored and supervised by American Osteopathic Association (AOA) herein referred to as the Sponsoring Organization of the Match.

The Match places applicants into osteopathic graduate medical education positions in the United States starting in the first postdoctoral year of training (OGME-1) and, for some specialties, starting in the second postdoctoral year of training (OGME-2).

Match participants, which include programs offering positions in the Match, applicants seeking positions in the Match, schools graduating applicants who will participate in the Match, and Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions (OPTIs), may use the Match web sites ( and to provide, view, edit and access information related to the Match. By using the Match web sites, you agree that NMS will collect, use, disclose and otherwise manage your Personal Information as set out in this Notice. You also agree to the web site Terms of Use described in detail at

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Personal Information you provide is truthful, complete and correct. NMS and the Sponsoring Organization reserve the right to verify any information provided as part of your participation in the Match. If any information you provide is determined to be false or misleading, concealed or withheld your participation may be denied and/or your Match result may be revoked. The determination of whether the Personal Information you provide is false or whether you have concealed or withheld information may be shared with Match participants and/or other interested parties.

NMS retains current and historical records of your Personal Information for the purposes of determining eligibility for future matches and/or for reporting results.

NMS maintains administrative, technical and physical safeguards in an effort to protect against unauthorized access, use, modification and disclosure of your Personal Information. NMS will maintain the confidentiality of all Personal Information it collects in connection with your participation in the Match and will disclose such Personal Information only for the purposes described in this Notice. NMS stores electronic and other records off-site as part of its disaster recovery procedures.

You are solely responsible for keeping your NMS log-in information and other registration information confidential and secure. Please notify NMS immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Collection of Personal Information

  • NMS collects your Personal Information used to administer and support matching services.
  • When you call or e-mail NMS with a comment or question you may be asked for Personal Information to enable NMS to respond to your comment or inquiry. We may retain this Personal Information to assist you in the future or to monitor or improve our services.
  • For programs and institutions, the Personal Information collected by NMS includes, but is not limited to: program and institution name; NMS code number; AOA code number; OPTI affiliation; password; security questions and answers; address; name and contact information for the Director of Medical Education; internships/residencies offered in the Match; Match quotas for each internship/residency offered; names, code numbers and ranking of applicants; and, names, code numbers, and ranking of applicants matched to each program.
  • For applicants, the Personal Information collected by NMS includes, but is not limited to: name; AOA code number; NMS code number; password; security questions and answers; address; phone number; e-mail address; school; graduation date; last four digits of Social Security Number; NRMP code number; name, code number, and ranking of programs; program to which applicant is matched (if any); credit card payment verification information; cheque information; name and NMS code number of partner, if applicant is participating in the Match as a couple.
  • For schools, the Personal Information collected by NMS includes, but is not limited to: name of school or university; contact name and contact information; password; security questions and answers; AOA code number; and, NMS code number.
  • For OPTIs, the Personal Information collected by NMS includes, but is not limited to: OPTI name; AOA code number; password; NMS code number; and, lists of schools and programs belonging to that OPTI.
  • Sometimes NMS undertakes a survey of Match participants. Your Personal Information is used to contact you to advise you of the survey. If you agree to complete the survey, your Personal Information is used only to process the survey responses. The information obtained from the survey is used only in aggregate and non-identifiable form.
  • Sometimes NMS asks for Personal Information that you are not required to provide, but may provide if you wish. For example, we may request certain Personal Information for the purposes of uniquely identifying you as a Match participant.

Use of Personal Information

  • NMS uses your Personal Information to identify you as a unique Match participant, to verify payment for the Match, to enter and confirm ranking information, to withdraw you from the Match, to execute the Match and to report results.
  • NMS uses your Personal Information to create aggregate, non-personally identifiable statistics for use by the public, by the Sponsoring Organization and by Match participants for performance, policy, development and other research purposes. These statistics are available at
  • NMS may use your Personal Information to resolve issues raised by interested parties that are related to the accuracy, quality, security, comprehensiveness and performance of the matching service(s) used by the Sponsoring Organization.

Disclosure of Personal Information

  • NMS discloses a list of programs participating in the Match on a publicly available section of the web site.
  • NMS discloses a list of accredited osteopathic programs not participating in the Match to the Sponsoring Organization.
  • NMS will disclose your Personal Information to the Sponsoring Organization.
  • NMS will disclose to programs and schools the name, code number, school and graduation date of applicants participating in the Match; the name and code number of applicants that have matched and where they have matched; information on applicants who participated in the Match but were not matched; and information on eligible applicants who did not register for the Match.
  • NMS will disclose to each OPTI the Match results of applicants graduating from schools belonging to each OPTI; a list of applicants who matched to programs belonging to the OPTI; the number of positions filled and unfilled in each program belonging to the OPTI; and results for applicants ranked by each program belonging to the OPTI.
  • NMS will disclose to applicants the name and code number of the program to which they have been matched and may disclose information on positions that remain unfilled after the Match.
  • NMS will disclose to the NRMP® information about the participation status of applicants in the Match, inlcuding whether or not an applicant matched and to which type of program the applicant matched, as well as Personal Information that may be required to uniquely identify each applicant. (NRMP is a registered trademark of National Resident Matching Program)
  • NMS may disclose your Personal Information to regulatory authorities, law enforcement or other persons, as authorized or required by law.
  • NMS reserves the right to disclose your Personal Information to interested parties, at our sole discretion, if we deem it to be in the best interest of supporting or administering the matching services.

How to Contact Us

For more information about the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information by NMS, contact NMS by e-mail at; by phone at (800) 461-6322; or in writing at 20 Holly St, Suite 301, Toronto ON, M4S 3B1.

Last updated: June, 2017

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