National Matching Services



NMS is committed to providing an inclusive service that removes barriers that prevent access by people with disabilities.


Our objective is to meet the web accessibility guidelines of international standards Section 508 and WCAG 2.0. Our online services have been developed with these standards in mind. We check our systems manually and using automated tools to ensure compliance.

As we continue to develop content and other features as part of our techonology platform, we will work toward continued adherence to accessibility standards. As areas of deficiencies are identified, we will work to address them to ensure we implement best practices with minimum interruption.

Some of the ways we acheive online accessibility include:

  • Allowing navigation using only a keyboard, providing meaningful hyperlinks, and allowing enough time for users to complete a task.
  • Ensuring content is readable and providing predictable functionality.
  • Maximizing compatibility with current and future tools (web browsers, assistive technologies, etc.).

We welcome feedback from our users. Please contact our support team at 800-461-6322 if you would like to share your comments, or if you require accomodation or assisstance.

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