Getting Started

Getting Started

SSO Breast Match

  • What's involved in participating in the SSO Breast Match?
    1. Identify Programs of Interest

      Applicants should investigate programs of interest and determine whether or not they are participating in the SSO Breast Match.

    2. Register to Participate in the SSO Breast Match

      Applicants interested in programs offering positions in the SSO Breast Match must register online in the NMS Match System.

    3. Apply and Interview

      All applications are submitted to programs using the SSO Breast Match Application Service. The SSO Breast Match Application Service is an online tool that allows applicants to send applications to programs.

    4. Submit Rank Order Lists

      After applications and interviews are complete, each applicant and program submits a Rank Order List of preferred placements in the NMS Match System. The Rank Order List indicates your order of preference for the placements you are considering.

    5. The Matching Algorithm Processes the Rankings

      NMS uses a matching algorithm to process the preferences stated on the Rank Order Lists and place individuals into positions. The matching algorithm will place you into the most preferred program on your Rank Order List that ranks you and does not fill all its available positions with applicants it prefers.

    6. Get Your Result

      Match results will be released on the Match Results Day by email and online via the SSO Breast Match website.

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