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2024 SSO Breast Match

Things to Know

  1. Registered applicants can download previously submitted applications from the NMS Match System. All applications for the Post-Match Process must be sent to programs directly, not through the NMS Match System.
  2. Check with each program about its application requirements and procedures.
  3. The NMS Match System will close on August 31, 2024. Applicants are not able to download applications after this date.

Application Service Overview

The Application Service is closed.
Registered applicants can download previously submitted applications from the NMS Match System. All applications for the Post-Match Process must be sent to programs directly, not through the NMS Match System.


Log Into the NMS Match System


Each program sets its own requirements for the Post-Match Process.

Application Process


Research Programs of Interest


Prepare Your Application Materials


Submit an Application

Consult the Application Service User Guide for detailed instructions for accessing your applications.

Application Service User Guide


Research Programs of Interest

The List of Participating Programs on this website identifies all fellowships that have positions available in the Post-Match Process.

Consult the SSO Breast Fellowship Program Directory for information about each program and eligibility requirements for an application.

Tip: As soon as you find a program of interest, add the program to your list of pending applications in the NMS Match System. The Program Director will be notified of your interest and will have access to your contact information, even before you submit your application, so they can reach out to you with information about their program, if they choose to do so.


Prepare Your Application Materials

Gather Your Applicant Information

Some of your SSO Breast Match registration information is prepopulated into your application. Other information that is required to complete your application includes:

  • US Citizenship and Visa Information
  • Academic History
  • USMLE or COMLEX, ABSITE or ACOS In-Service Exam, MCCQE Part I Exam Information, if applicable
  • License and Certification Information
  • Professional Liability Information

Compose a Personal Statement and CV

A Personal Statement and CV must be included with each application you submit. You can customize your Personal Statement and CV for each program if you wish. You should start working on those documents as soon as possible and upload them to the NMS Match System in PDF format when they are complete.

Get Email Addresses for Your Reference Letter Writers

Each application must have between 1 and 5 letters of reference. You may send different reference letters to each program if you wish. You submit requests for reference letters using the NMS Match System, and your chosen reference letter writers upload their letters to the NMS Match System.

Prepare any Supplemental Material

Check with each program as soon as possible regarding its application requirements. If a program requires additional information included as part of its application, you can prepare this information and upload it to the system as a Supplemental Material PDF document.


Submit an Application

Your SSO Breast Match registration fee provides you with 15 credits to send applications to programs. Each credit allows you to send one application to one program, regardless of the number of tracks offered by that program. If a program offers more than one track in the Post-Match Process, you can specify the tracks you are interested in when you submit your application.

If you want to send applications to more than 15 programs, you will have to pay an additional fee of $30 USD per application.

You do not need to send all applications at once. You can send 1 application on one day and 5 applications the next day. However, once an application is submitted to a program, the core components of the submitted application cannot be changed or withdrawn. You will be able to update Supplemental Material after an application has been submitted, so any corrections to application information can be included as Supplemental Material.

Once you submit an application, the program will have access to your application information immediately.

It is your responsibility to monitor the status of any outstanding reference letters and ensure they are submitted in the NMS Match System in a timely manner. You can submit your applications before your reference letters have been received. When they are received, your applications will be updated automatically and the programs will be notified.


Programs may elect for either virtual or in-person interviews. There should be one declared approach at each institution, either virtual or in-person, and no hybrid combination of both approaches. SSO supports the autonomy of each program to choose the format that best meets their needs and the needs of their fellowship candidates

Programs may invite applicants to interviews starting on February 5, 2024. No interview offers may be made before this date.

Interviews may be conducted starting on February 29, 2024. All your interviews must be completed by June 29, 2024.

You may freely discuss any matter with a program and both you and the program may express a high level of interest in each other. An applicant may voluntarily inform a program that they intend to rank the program. Similarly, a program may voluntarily inform an applicant that it intends to rank the applicant. However, neither the applicant nor the program may ask or prompt the other side for this information.

Furthermore, neither applicants nor programs may solicit or disclose information about rank positioning. For example, it is prohibited to make statements like "I will rank you first" or "You are at the top of my list".

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