No Applicants to Rank

The 2024 APPIC Match

No Applicants to Rank

The 2024 APPIC Internship Matching Program

There are two situations when you may not have any rankings of applicants to submit for a program.

No Acceptable Applicants

If the program has positions available to begin in 2024 but no acceptable applicants to rank, you should certify a Rank Order List with no ranks. This indicates to NMS that the program is still active, but you have no ranks to submit for the program (the program should not be withdrawn).

  • To certify a list with no ranks:
    • Log In to the NMS Match System
    • Ensure that the program is shown as active in the Status section of the Dashboard
    • Select the Rankings option from the menu
    • With no applicants listed on your Rank Order List, press the Submit for Certification button
    • Enter your password and press Submit
    submit no ranks

No Positions Available

If the program no longer has positions available to start training in 2024, the program should withdraw from the Match before the Rank Order List deadline using the NMS Match System.

The program will not be included in the Match and will not be matched with any applicants.

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