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The 2019 APPIC Match

What happens if I do not match?

Registered applicants who do not obtain a position in Phase I (e.g., those who withdraw or remain unmatched) will be eligible to participate in Phase II. Programs with positions available after Phase I will offer those positions to applicants in Phase II of the Match.

Applicants participating in Phase II may apply to programs with positions available in Phase II. All applicants and programs must submit their Rank Order Lists by the Rank Order List deadline for Phase II of the Match. A second match will be carried out using those Rank Order Lists, and the results of Phase II of the Match will then be distributed.

It is possible that, after completion of both Phases of the Match, some programs will be left with unfilled positions and some applicants will remain without internship placements. APPIC will operate a Post-Match Vacancy Service for unplaced applicants and programs with available positions, which will begin operation shortly after the distribution of the results of Phase II of the Match.

What happens if I refuse to accept my matched position?

The Match result constitutes a binding commitment from which neither the applicant nor the training site can withdraw.

If you refuse to accept a position at the internship program where you matched, or refuse to attend the program where you matched, you will be in violation of the Applicant Agreement of the APPIC Match.

Violations of the Agreement will be reported to APPIC and the APPIC Board may pursue all available remedies, including barring you from participation in future APPIC Internship Matching Programs. Furthermore, you could be subject to legal and/or disciplinary actions by APPIC, the program where you matched, and/or your doctoral program.

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