Additional Information

APPIC Web Site

APPIC also maintains a web site at That web site has a section on the Match that provides additional useful information, such as frequently asked questions about the Match, Match Policies, and statistics and survey results from previous years. The APPIC Online Directory and AAPI Online application service are also accessible via the APPIC web site.

MATCH-NEWS E-mail Service

APPIC operates an automated e-mail information service, called MATCH-NEWS, to provide additional information about the Match. Messages will be sent periodically (perhaps a few times a month) by e-mail to all those who subscribe to this service. This is an important method of communicating information about the Match, as well as ideas about how to make the most of this process. There is no cost for subscribing to MATCH-NEWS. It is recommended that all Match participants subscribe to this service.

If you are not already a subscriber to MATCH-NEWS, you may subscribe by sending a blank e-mail message (from the address where you want to receive e-mailed information) to the following address:

You do not need to put anything in the subject line or body of the message. You will subsequently receive an e-mail message (with the subject line "Your confirmation is needed") that contains instructions for you to follow in order to confirm your subscription. Simply follow those instructions and you will soon receive a "Welcome" e-mail in response. This "Welcome" e-mail confirms that you are successfully subscribed to the list (please note that you are not subscribed to the list until you have received the "Welcome" e-mail).

Please Note: If your e-mail program uses "Spam" or "Junk Mail" filtering, it is possible that the confirmation message from the APPIC server will be redirected automatically to your "Junk Mail" folder without your knowledge. If you do not receive a confirmation message in your Inbox, you should check your "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folder to see if the message is there. If your e-mail program does use filtering, you should instruct it to accept all e-mail from APPIC's e-mail list server in order to receive the confirmation e-mail and the messages sent from MATCH-NEWS.