Optometry Residency Match (ORMatch)

for Positions Beginning in 2017

ORMatch Statistics

Summary Results of ORMatch for Positions Beginning in 2013

Applicants Registered for the Match595
Applicants Submitting Applications567
Applicants Who Withdrew or Did Not Submit Ranks 69
Applicants Participating in the Match526
Match Results
Applicants Matched331(63%)
Participating Applicants Not Matched195(37%)
Applications Submitted2365
Average Number of Applications Submitted Per Applicant
    Matched Applicants4.2
    Unmatched Applicants4.1
Average Number of Rankings Submitted Per Applicant
    Matched Applicants3.0
    Unmatched Applicants2.5
Residency Sites Participating in the Match190
Programs Receiving Applications200
Programs Participating in the Match199
Positions Offered in the Match383
Note: A residency site can offer more than one "program" in the Match. Each "program" is identified in the Match by a unique 5-digit code number.
Match Results
Positions Filled in the Match331(86%)
Positions Remaining Unfilled52(14%)
Programs Filled in the Match160(80%)
Programs Remaining Unfilled39(20%)
Notes: No ranks were submitted for 10 positions in 10 programs. These positions and programs remained unfilled and are included in the counts above.
Number of Applications Received Per Position in an Average Program
    Programs Filling All Positions8.2
    Programs with Unfilled Positions3.1
    All Programs7.2
Number of Applicants Ranked Per Position Offered in an Average Program
    Programs Filling All Positions4.2
    Programs with Unfilled Positions1.4
    All Programs3.7

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