Match Results Day

  • I will be unavailable to receive emails the day results are released.

    If you will be unable to receive email or access your school's ORMatch results online on the Match Results Day, you can provide a written and signed request to NMS on school letterhead to send an email of the results to an alternate contact.

    The alternate email will not replace the email currently on file in the NMS Match System. All account and school contact information will remain the same.

    The alternate contact will receive an email with the ORMatch results. NMS will send the results to only one email address for each school.

Post-Match Process

  • How does the Post-Match Process work?

    Following release of the results, unmatched applicants are permitted to seek and fill positions that remain available, independently of ORMatch.

    Applicants will have access to a list of programs with available positions. Residencies will have access to information on unmatched applicants.

    Programs are able to obtain applications from applicants in any manner they desire, including directly from applicants. Applicants who registered for ORMatch but did not obtain a position can use the NMS Match System to send applications online to programs in the Post-Match Process. Individuals who did not register for ORMatch prior to the Rank Order List deadline but are seeking positions during the Post-Match Process must send applications to programs directly. If you have questions about a program's application procedures during the Post-Match Process, contact the program directly.

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