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2018 ORMatch

I will be unavailable to receive e-mails the day results are released.

If you are unable to receive e-mail or access your program's Match results online on the Match Results Release Date, you can provide a signed written request to NMS on residency site letterhead to send an e-mail of the results to an alternate contact.

The alternate e-mail will not replace the e-mail currently on file in the NMS Match System. All account and residency site contact information will remain the same.

The alternate contact will receive an e-mail with the Match results. NMS will send the result to only one e-mail address.

Can I obtain the NBEO Score Report Data for an applicant that accepted a position in the Post-Match?

Yes. The Program Coordinator must contact NMS to request the NBEO Score Report Data for the specific applicant.

In order for the scores to be released, the applicant must also contact NMS to provide their consent to release their NBEO Score Report Data to your program.



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