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2019 ORMatch

Can I change my rankings after certifying my list?

Yes. Even if you have already certified a Rank Order List you can return at any time to make changes until the Rank Order List deadline.

If you make changes to a list after it is certified, the list will become uncertified and you will have to re-certify the list before the Rank Order List deadline in order for the list to be used in the Match.

What should I do if an applicant appears on my Rank Order List as "Withdrawn"?

Withdrawn applicants may change their status and decide to participate in the Match at any time until the Rank Order List deadline. Therefore, if you planned to rank an applicant who is now withdrawn, you are strongly encouraged to leave the withdrawn applicant on the Rank Order List.

If you leave the withdrawn applicant on the list and the applicant is reinstated prior to the deadline, that ranking will be used in the Match. If the applicant remains withdrawn, that ranking will not be used in the Match, and the Rank Order List will be processed as if you had not ranked the withdrawn applicant.

If you have any questions concerning the status of an applicant in the Match, you should contact the applicant directly.

I'm not getting e-mails from NMS.

Contact NMS if you think NMS has sent you an e-mail that has not been received.

While NMS regularly communicates with most educational institutions in North America, there may be site specific IT policies that are preventing you from receiving e-mails from NMS. Please provide the E-mail Address and IP Whitelist to your IT department to ensure that NMS's e-mails are not being blocked.

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