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2019 ORMatch

What happens if I do not obtain a position in the Match?

Following release of the results, applicants who are not matched are permitted to seek and fill positions that remain available independently of ORMatch. NMS is not involved in the filling of positions during the Post-Match Process.

What if I refuse to take my matched position?

The Match result constitutes a binding commitment from which neither the applicant nor the program can withdraw.

Applicants who do not accept appointment of the position to which they matched will be in violation of the ORMatch Applicant Agreement.

Violations will be reported to ASCO and ASCO will initiate its Violations Review Process.

Release from the ORMatch results can only be achieved by written approval of ASCO.

When will my final NBEO Score Report Data be sent to programs?

ORMatch will obtain your NBEO Score Report Data directly from NBEO in February, before the NMS Match System opens for rankings, and send it to the programs to which you applied.

If you are matched, ORMatch will send updated NBEO Score Report Data in June to the program where you are matched. If you accept a position during the Post-Match Process, ORMatch can include your scores in the June report, provided that the Program Coordinator requests this information from ORMatch and you confirm your acceptance of the position.

In both February and June, ORMatch will send you an e-mail to review the NBEO Score Report Data that is sent to programs. It is your responsibility to correct any errors or omissions in the NBEO Score Report Data directly with the program(s). You can access your NBEO Score Report Data from the NBEO website.

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