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  • What are the required components of an application?

    In order to submit an application to a residency, you will need to enter information into the required fields of the Applicant Information section, provide a CV, NBEO Part I examination score, OD Transcript, Letter of Intent, and request references from at least 3 individuals. While NBEO Part II, Part III, TMOD and ISE scores are not required for submission, you should enter them into the NMS Match System as soon as they are available as most residencies use them to evaluate applicants.

    Some residencies have additional requirements related to their applications. Consult the ASCO Residency Directory for information about each residency's application procedures, requirements, and any supplemental material may be required.

  • When is the application deadline?

    Each residency sets its own application deadline date. Once the application deadline has passed for a residency, you are not able to send an application to the residency. The program will close for applications at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on their chosen application deadline date.

    We strongly recommend that you submit all of your applications before January 31, 2024 as this is the NBEO score cutoff date. Applicants who submit applications before January 31 will have their verified NBEO scores sent by ORMatch in February to the residencies where they applied.

    The ORMatch Application Service closes on the Rank Order List deadline. You are not able to submit any applications using the ORMatch Application Service after the Rank Order List deadline, even if the application deadline date for the residency is shown as being after the Rank Order List deadline.

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  • Can I change or correct my application after submission?

    The only component of your application that can be changed after submission is your Supplemental Material document.

    If you need to make any correction to your submitted applications, follow the instructions below:

    • Assemble the new information into a PDF document
    • Upload the PDF document to the NMS Match System Supplemental Material
    • Navigate to the submitted application that needs to be updated
    • Attach the new Supplemental Material PDF to the application

      Note: Each application can have only one Supplemental Material document attached to it. If your submitted application already has Supplemental Material, you will need to create a new document with the existing Supplemental Material and the required corrections and update the application with the new document.

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  • How can I get my OD transcript?

    Some schools allow their students to download a transcript from their student portal. Others may require that you obtain a physical copy of the transcript from the registrar's office. You can then scan the physical copy of your transcript to a PDF document.

    Ensure the transcript you upload to the NMS Match System is not password protected.

  • How do I create a PDF document?

    Many word processing programs (e.g., Word, Google Docs, Pages, etc.) will allow you to save a document directly to PDF. Alternatively, there are free online tools that you can use or software you can download to generate PDF files. Use a google search to get you pointed in the right direction.

    Note: When creating a PDF from a Word Document ensure you choose .pdf as the file format type when saving/creating your document. Simply adding ".pdf" to the end of the document title will not successfully create a PDF.

  • How do I remove security features from a PDF document?

    If you have a PDF document with security features (e.g., an official school transcript), the easiest way to remove them is to open it and "print to PDF". You can open the document in a browser (i.e., Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft) and choose Print ->Save to PDF. Alternatively, you can physically print the PDF and scan it.

    There are also some online services that will remove security features for you.

    Some transcripts may have special watermarks that say "Printed Copy" when the security features are removed. That is acceptable for the ORMatch Application Service.

  • Why does the system say my uploaded PDF is incompatible?

    When you submit an application, the ORMatch Application Service takes your uploaded documents and merges them together to create a single consolidated file for residencies to download.

    While the system support PDFs up to version 1.7, some PDFs have special features or characteristics that cannot be seamlessly merged with other PDF documents. If you receive an error stating that your PDF is incompatible, it means your document has some of these special features or characteristics.

    This issue can be resolved by converting your document to a different PDF version. There are many free online tools that can do this for you. Converting your document to PDF version 1.4 (Adobe Acrobat 5) will remove all special features from your document, and will ensure your PDF is compatible.

    Alternatively, you can take a picture of your document and create a PDF from that image.

    If you continue to have issues with your document, contact us.


  • Should I use the same reference letters for each application I intend to submit?

    Contact your reference writer to ask for their preference on the type of letter they will submit.

    Most reference writers will want to submit a separate, customized, letter for each residency where you are applying. In this case, you will need to create multiple reference requests to the same person, one for each residency where you are applying.

    If your reference writer wants to provide you with a generic reference letter, you can submit that letter to each residency where you are applying.

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  • Can I submit my application before my reference letters have been received?

    Yes, you can submit your applications before your reference letters are received. When your reference writer uploads their letter, your submitted application will be updated automatically and the residency Program Coordinator will be notified that your application has a new reference letter included.

  • What do I do if I want to replace one of my reference letters with another (e.g., because the original letter won't be received in time)?

    Each application you submit must have 3 reference letters attached to it. If you have made more than 3 reference letter requests, you can replace a letter attached to the application with another letter not originally included in the application.

    For example, if you have 4 letters and have attached letters #1, #2, and #3 to an application, you can replace letter #2 with letter #4 if necessary.

    You can only replace reference letters that have not yet been received. Once a reference letter is received, it is locked to the application and cannot be changed.

    For Pending Applications:

    • Log In to the NMS Match System
    • Select Applications from the menu
    • Select the Edit button in the Application Submission section
    • Select the Assemble button for the Pending Application that includes the reference letter
    • De-select the reference letter that you do not want to include
    • Select an alternative reference letter to attach

    For Submitted Applications:

    • Log In to the NMS Match System
    • Select Applications from the menu
    • Select the Edit button in the Application Submission section
    • Select the View button for the Submitted Application that includes the reference letter
    • Select the Edit button next to the reference letter that you want to replace
    • In the pop-up window, select the new reference letter that you want to include with the application
    • Press Save

    The residency will be notified that a reference letter has changed.


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