Optometry Residency Match (ORMatch)

for Positions Beginning in 2017

Eligibility Requirements


Only residency programs that are affiliated with a school or college of optometry that is accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) may participate in ORMatch. Programs that participate in ORMatch must offer all residency positions through ORMatch. As an exception, a position may be granted exclusively to a commissioned officer of the Department of Defense outside of ORMatch only if it does not reduce the number of positions otherwise being offered by the program in ORMatch. Requests for such exemptions must be submitted to the ORMatch Committee before December 31 for positions that start training the following year. Programs designed exclusively for commissioned officers of the Department of Defense are exempt from participation in ORMatch. Optometry fellowship positions are not offered through ORMatch.

All programs must be accredited to participate in ORMatch. An exception is provided that allows for programs without accreditation to participate in ORMatch for one year provided the program genuinely pursues accreditation during that training year. To substantiate this pursuit, unaccredited programs matriculating their initial resident(s) must submit to the ACOE a formal letter applying for accreditation from the CEO of the school or college of optometry that is the affiliate or sponsor of the program. In addition, ACOE must receive the program’s payment of the application fee before the program can be registered to participate in ORMatch. On request from the program, NMS will communicate with the ACOE to substantiate the fulfillment of these criteria. Since accreditation requires a resident to be in place, unaccredited programs that participated in ORMatch for positions beginning in 2016, but did not matriculate a resident for that training year as verified with NMS by the Director of Residencies, may participate in ORMatch for positions beginning in 2017.

The List of Participating Programs posted on this web site will indicate the accreditation status reported by each program that registers for ORMatch. A complete list of accredited residency programs can be found on the ACOE web site.

Updated: December 2, 2016


Any applicant seeking an appointment beginning after April 1, 2017 in an optometry residency program that participates in ORMatch must register to participate in ORMatch.

United States citizenship is required to qualify for VHA appointment in a paid VA optometry resident position funded by the Office of Academic Affiliations.
(Reference: VA Handbook 5005/57, Part II, Chapter 3, Paragraph 3.g.(1) & (5)(c), dated June 14, 2012.)

Applicants are encouraged to contact individual programs for more information regarding each institution and program's eligibility requirements.