Rules and Eligibility

The 2019 MedPhys Match

Match Agreements

Each participating applicant and program must accept the terms of the MedPhys Match Agreements when they register to participate in the MedPhys Match.

Applicant Agreement Residency Agreement

Eligibility Requirements

  • Programs

    Any medical physics residency offering positions that start training between June 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019, may participate in the 2019 MedPhys Match. AAPM and SDAMPP encourage all medical physics residency programs that start training on or around July 1 to participate, although programs recruiting for start dates later in the year may also want to participate and seek residents from the larger applicant pool.

    Residencies do not need to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs (CAMPEP) in order to participate in the MedPhys Match.

    The List of Participating Programs posted on this web site will indicate the accreditation status reported by each program that registers for the MedPhys Match. A complete list of accredited residency programs can be found on the CAMPEP web site.

  • Applicants

    Any applicant seeking an appointment in a medical physics residency program that participates in the MedPhys Match must register to participate in the MedPhys Match.

    Applicants are encouraged to contact individual programs for more information regarding each institution and residency's eligibility requirements.

Rules of Participation

All residency programs and applicants that register to participate in the Medical Physics Matching Program (the "MedPhys Match") must abide by the Schedule of Dates of the MedPhys Match, and the terms of the Agreements they accepted when they registered for the MedPhys Match.

  • Participating programs must offer through the MedPhys Match all positions that, as of the Rank Order List deadline, are known to be available to start training between June 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Program Directors must notify NMS by the Rank Order List deadline of any changes in the programs or positions available.
  • Programs must provide complete and accurate information to applicants prior to the Rank Order List deadline concerning the position(s) being offered in the MedPhys Match, including all institution and residency program policies related to eligibility requirements for appointment, compensation for residents and accreditation status of the residency program. Similarly, applicants must provide complete and accurate information to the MedPhys Match and to the programs to which they apply.
  • Programs must conduct their recruitment and interviews in compliance with relevant institutional and statutory guidelines, which may include non-discriminatory practices.
  • Applicants must conduct themselves in a professional manner in all aspects of the recruitment process, including but not limited to applications, interviews and any participation in online forums or shared information documents.
  • Programs may not make any offers of appointment to, or require any commitments from, any applicant prior to the release of the MedPhys Match results. Programs may rank on their Rank Order Lists only those applicants registered in the MedPhys Match.
  • Similarly, applicants may not make any commitments to any participating program prior to the release of the MedPhys Match results. Applicants may rank on their Rank Order Lists only those programs participating in the MedPhys Match.
  • If a registered applicant chooses not to participate in the MedPhys Match for any reason, then they must submit a withdrawal from the MedPhys Match, and NOT submit a Rank Order List for the MedPhys Match.
  • Programs and applicants may freely discuss any matter and may express a high level of interest in each other. Communication guidelines are as follows:

    • A program may voluntarily inform an applicant as to whether or not it intends to rank the applicant.
    • An applicant may voluntarily inform a program as to whether or not the applicant intends to rank the program.
    • Neither party (program or applicant) may solicit the intentions for ranking from the other party.
    • Neither party may disclose to the other party or solicit from the other party any information regarding the positioning of any applicant or program on a Rank Order List.

    Any expression of interest that may be made during the free discussion between a program and an applicant is subject to change based on further considerations by either party. Both program(s) and applicant(s) have the right to change their Rank Order Lists at any time prior to the deadline for submission of their Rank Order Lists.

  • The MedPhys Match results constitute a binding commitment from which neither the applicant nor the program can withdraw without mutual written consent. A program must offer an appointment to each applicant with whom it is matched, and the applicant must accept the offer and attend the program, unless both parties agree in writing to release each other from the MedPhys Match result. A program may not offer a position to any applicant who was matched elsewhere and subsequently not released from the MedPhys Match result.
  • Program Directors must send letters of confirmation of the MedPhys Match result to matched applicants within 10 working days of the release of the MedPhys Match results. Applicants must sign and return the letters of confirmation within 10 days of receipt of the letter from the program.
  • Violations of the policies of the MedPhys Match agreements will be reported to an oversight committee from the AAPM which will investigate the circumstances of the violation. The oversight committee may impose penalties on violators, including reporting the violations to other MedPhys Match participants, cancellation or denial of memberships, and barring the violator from participating in future MedPhys Matches.
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