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The 2022 MedPhys Match


Start the Registration Process

The online registration process must be completed by the residency Program Director.


Use the link in the registration email to start the registration process.
Each residency is provided with a unique registration link.

If you have not received a personalized email to register your residency for the MedPhys Match by September 3, 2021, please contact NMS.


If your residency will not be participating in the 2022 MedPhys Match, do not complete the registration process; instead, use the appropriate link provided in the registration email sent to your residency program to indicate the residency will not be participating in the 2022 MedPhys Match.


Set Up Your Account

Account information is not carried over from previous years. Each Program Director will need to set up a new account in the NMS Match System for the 2022 MedPhys Match.


Enter the email address of the Program Director.
The email address you enter will uniquely identify your account and will be your username for the NMS Match System. The email address you enter is for NMS use only, and will not be published or distributed to applicants.

  • What if I want Match communications sent to a different contact?

    All communication related to the MedPhys Match, including MedPhys Match results, will be sent to the one email address in the NMS Match System connected to the residency. If you want MedPhys Match communications sent to a different person instead of the Program Director, you can change the email address after the residency is registered.


Provide a password and complete the security questions for your account.

Once your account has been created, you can log in to the NMS Match System. If you quit the registration process before it is completed, you can log in at another time and complete the process.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure emails from NMS are not inadvertently directed to your "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folder, please ensure all NMS emails and/or IPs are included on your Allow-List.


Submit Residency and Program Information

Submit Residency
and Program Information

The Residency and Program Information page is where you provide information about your residency and the program(s)/track(s) that will be offered in the MedPhys Match. (See Glossary).

If your residency participated in the 2021 MedPhys Match, information is pre-populated based on your previously submitted information. Please review the pre-populated program information carefully. You may make changes to this pre-populated information as described below.


Residency Information

Contact Information
If any of the information is incorrect or is not pre-populated on the page, please update that information accordingly.

Accreditation Status
If your CAMPEP accreditation status is incorrect or is not pre-populated on the page, please update accordingly. The accreditation status of your residency will be displayed to applicants. If your residency's accreditation status changes after your residency registers, it is your responsibility to update that information in the NMS Match System.

Type of Residency
You cannot change the type of residency in the NMS Match System. All programs or tracks offered by the residency must be for the same type of residency - i.e., Therapy or Imaging. (Note: since most Nuclear Medicine programs are contained within Imaging programs, an Imaging residency may offer a Nuclear Medicine track.)

Residency URL
If your residency has a website with information for applicants, please provide the full website URL (e.g., The URL will be included on the List of Participating Programs that is posted publicly on the MedPhys Match website. Residency URLs can be a maximum of 250 characters.


Program Information

Program Description
Each program or track offered by your residency in the MedPhys Match must have a program description that includes the type of residency (e.g., Therapy, Imaging, Nuclear Medicine) and the start date of training (e.g., July 1). Program descriptions can be a maximum of 50 characters, including spaces between words.

Many residencies offer only one form or stream of training. Other residencies may offer more than one form or stream of training to applicants (e.g., tracks with different start dates, different numbers of years of training, different locations, etc.). In most cases, residencies that offer more than one track should differentiate these tracks for the purposes of the MedPhys Match by registering each track as a separate program.

  • Should I register multiple programs for my residency?

    One Form or Stream of Training
    If your residency offers only one form or stream of training, or if it is not desirable for applicants to be able to rank your residency's tracks separately in the MedPhys Match, then your residency should offer only one program in the MedPhys Match.

    Multiple Forms or Streams of Training
    Offering multiple programs/tracks will permit your applicants to rank each of your residency's programs separately in the MedPhys Match, and enable you to rank specific applicants for each program offered by your residency. Each registered program will be identified by a unique 5-digit Code Number and must have a unique and clearly distinguished description that is different from any other program offered by your residency. Each program description must indicate the type of residency and start date of training; additional information to uniquely identify each program should be added at the end of the program description.

  • Adding a Program

    If you wish to add a program, select the Add New Program link at the bottom of the program information section of the page. You must enter the number of positions to be filled in 2022, provide a program description and press the Add button. Any program description you enter or modify must indicate the type of residency and start date of training as the first part of the program description; additional information should be added at the end of the program description to uniquely and clearly distinguish that program from any other program offered by your residency. The description(s) of your existing program(s) may also need to be altered to ensure they are distinct and descriptive of the program offering. A unique 5-digit program Code Number will be assigned to the program automatically by the system when it is added.

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  • Deleting a Program

    If a program that is pre-populated on the page will not be offering positions in 2022, you should delete the program. Note that every residency registered for the MedPhys Match must have at least one program. You will not be able to delete a program if it is the only one listed for the residency. If your residency will not be offering any positions beginning in 2022, use the appropriate link in the registration email to indicate your residency will not be participating in the 2022 MedPhys Match.

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  • Do you have special requirements?

    The MedPhys Match provides tools and options that can assist residencies in satisfying specific requirements or objectives they may have in resident recruitment. In particular, two options that can be set up when submitting your Rank Order List may be of interest:

    • Multiple Lists: This option is most often used where residencies wish to match with a desired mix of applicants with specific characteristics - for example, to ensure a minimum number of matched applicants are from one school, or from a specific under-represented group.
    • Reversions: If a residency is submitting more than one Rank Order List (for example, for separate programs or multiple lists for a single program), the residency can choose to revert, or donate, unfilled positions from one Rank Order List to another during the match processing in order to maximize the number of positions filled. This offers some protection against the possibility that positions at a residency will remain unfilled.

    These options, used individually or together, enable NMS to accommodate many special requirements, while still maintaining the integrity of the ranking and matching processes.

Positions Available
You must verify or provide the number of positions to be filled in June 2022 or later for each program offered in the MedPhys Match. You may change the number of positions offered, if necessary, at any time up to the Rank Order List deadline for the MedPhys Match, March 23, 2022.

Participating residencies must offer through the MedPhys Match all positions that, as of the Rank Order List deadline, are known to start training between June 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022. For example, suppose a residency has multiple positions starting on July 1, one of which has already been promised to someone (e.g., to a postdoctoral fellow, a person currently doing a research year, etc.). If the residency wishes to participate in the MedPhys Match for other positions, the "promised" position must also be offered through the MedPhys Match. If the program and person rank each other first, a match is guaranteed.


Once all the information on the Residency and Program information page has been entered correctly, select the Continue button.

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Sign the Residency Agreement

You must electronically sign the Residency Agreement for the 2022 MedPhys Match. Read the Agreement page carefully, as your residency and program(s) will be committed to abide by the terms of the Agreement once the residency is registered.


Pay the Registration Fee

Each residency must pay a fee of $375 USD to register for the 2022 MedPhys Match, regardless of the number of programs/tracks or positions offered by the residency in the MedPhys Match. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable, even if the residency subsequently withdraws from the 2022 MedPhys Match.

  • Registration Fee Payment Options

    Your residency will not be registered for the MedPhys Match until payment has been received by NMS.

    Pay By Credit Card: Registration fees can be paid online using a VISA or MasterCard.

    Pay By Check: Checks must be made payable to National Matching Services Inc. and sent, along with the invoice, to NMS at the address below. Be sure to affix sufficient postage to Canada.

    • National Matching Services Inc.
    • 20 Holly Street, Suite 301
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Canada, M4S 3B1


Registration Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation by email when the registration process is completed. The confirmation will include a copy of the terms of the Residency Agreement and Schedule of Dates, as well as the Code Number and program description for each program registered for the MedPhys Match.

You should provide the program Code Number(s) to each of your applicants. If you use MP-RAP, you should enter the Code Number(s) into the MP-RAP system when creating your MP-RAP listing.

You must also provide your applicants with complete information on the eligibility requirements for appointment that have been established by your institution and residency program (e.g., required start date, background checks, etc.)

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