The 2022 MedPhys Match


An institution is the organization or corporate entity offering the training (e.g. Oshkosh University).


A residency is the training entity that is (or would be) accredited by CAMPEP. Each residency offers training in a specific program type (Therapy, Imaging, Nuclear) at an institution. For example, CAMPEP may accredit a Therapy residency at Oshkosh University and a separate Imaging Residency at Oshkosh University; these are considered separate residencies. For purposes of the MedPhys Match, the primary point of contact is the Program Director of the residency. However, even if one person is the Program Director of multiple training programs of different types (e.g., Therapy and Imaging), these are still considered to be separate residencies. Affiliate Programs are also considered to be separate residencies for the purposes of the MedPhys Match.

Each residency must pay a fee of $375 USD to register for the MedPhys Match, regardless of the number of programs or positions offered by the residency. Each residency offered by an institution must pay a separate registration fee.

Program or Track

For purposes of the MedPhys Match, the terms program or track are synonymous and refer to a specific form or stream of training at a residency. Most residencies will offer only one program or track in the MedPhys Match; for these programs the terms residency, program and track refer to the same thing. However, some residencies offer differentiated forms or streams of training of the same program type; for example, a Therapy residency may offer two tracks or programs with different start dates, or of different duration, or at different locations. Each differentiated form or stream of training constitutes a separate program or track offered by the residency.

Residencies that offer multiple forms or streams of training within the residency are encouraged to register multiple programs or tracks in the MedPhys Match. This will provide applicants with the opportunity to rank each specific form or stream of training separately, and will enable the residency to submit different Rank Order Lists of applicants for each form or stream of training, if desired. Within the MedPhys Match applicants are then matched to a specific program offered by the residency.


Each program may offer one or more positions in the MedPhys Match. The number of positions offered by a program is the number of slots to be filled, or applicants to be matched, to that program. For example, a residency that has a total of 5 positions to be filled across 2 locations may choose to offer 3 positions in a program at location A and 2 positions in a program at location B.

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