Register for the Match

The 2024 Genetic Counseling Admissions Match

Register for the Match

The 2024 Genetic Counseling Admissions Match


Registration for the 2025 Match will begin in July, 2024.

To be eligible to participate in the GC Admissions Match, a program must be a Full Member or Associate Member of AGCPD/GCEA in good standing, and either (i) be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC), or (ii) have approved Candidacy status by ACGC by August 1, 2023, and have received permission from AGCPD/GCEA to participate in the Match.

Programs that are not accredited by March 15, 2024, or are accredited with any contingency that prevents the program from accepting a new class of students, will not be able to participate in the Match. Programs that receive accreditation after March 15, 2024 and want to recruit students for a fall 2024 start date may participate in the Post-Match Process.

To register for the Match, the program must agree to abide by the Schedule of Dates of the Match and the Rules of Participation.

Registration Process

Eligible programs will receive a registration email from the GC Admissions Match. If you have not received a personalized email to register your program for the GC Admissions Match by July 26, 2023, please contact NMS.

Consult the Registration User Guide for step-by-step instructions for registering for the GC Admissions Match.

Registration User Guide

After You Register


After the online registration process is complete, you will receive a confirmation by email which will include the Match Code Number(s) for each track registered for the Match.

You should provide the Match Code Number(s) of your track(s) to each of your applicants, as the Match Code Number(s) uniquely identify your track(s) in the Match. This is particularly relevant for programs that are offering more than one track in the Match.

Updating Your Program and Track Information

Once you are registered for the Match, you can log into the NMS Match System to update your program or track information. This includes modifying the number of positions offered by a track in the Match, changing the description of a track, adding an additional track to your program, withdrawing a track from the Match if you no longer intend to offer any positions in the track, or modifying your contact information.

Account User Guide

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