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The 2018 Genetic Counseling Admissions Match


To be eligible to participate in the GC Admissions Match, a program must be a Full Member or Associate Member of AGCPD in good standing, and either (i) be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC), or (ii) have a Letter of Intent accepted by ACGC by December 1, 2017, expect to receive ACGC accreditation by March 15, 2018, and have received permission from AGCPD to participate in the Match.

Programs that are not accredited by March 15, 2018 will not be able to participate in the Match. Programs that receive accreditation after March 15, 2018 and want to recruit students for a Fall 2018 start date may participate in the Post-Match Process (Unmatched Applicant Program).

To register for the Match, the program must agree to abide by the Schedule of Dates of the Match and the Rules of the Match.

Registration Process

If you have not received your registration package by May 15, please contact NMS .

AGCPD has provided to NMS the contact information of the Program Director of all eligible programs. NMS will send personalized registration packages by e-mail to the Program Director of each eligible program. The package includes a personalized Program Agreement form, the Schedule of Dates, and instructions for registering a program to participate in the Match.

Download Program Registration Instructions and Checklist
  • Information on Multiple Tracks and Special Requirements

    Multiple Tracks

    The positions available in your program may be offered to applicants in separate tracks. Each track is assigned a unique Code Number for the Match; applicants can then rank the specific tracks at your program, and you can rank specific applicants for each separate track offered in the Match. Typically, programs offering positions with different levels of funding should offer the positions at each level in separate tracks. The number of positions to be filled by each track may be updated at any time before the Rank Order List deadline of April 13, 2018.


    It is possible within the matching algorithm to move positions that remain unfilled from one track to a second track, so that an attempt can be made to fill the available position(s) with applicant(s) on the Rank Order List for the second track. This is referred to as "reverting" unfilled positions.

    Multiple Lists

    Some programs may have special requirements that can only be satisfied by submitting multiple Rank Order Lists for a single track. This feature is useful if a programs needs to recruit a mix of applicants with different characteristics.

In order to register a program to participate in the 2018 Match, the program must complete, sign and return an Agreement form to NMS, either by email to or by fax to 844-977-0555.

Once the Agreement form is processed, NMS will send a confirmation of the program's registration to the Program Director by e-mail.

If your program would like to participate in the 2018 but you do not have your program's registration package, please contact NMS . Once your eligibility is confirmed, NMS will prepare and send a personalized registration package for your program to you by e-mail.



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